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Forget if I posted this on fedi

By Chastechaser and yes I;'m a fangirl lol

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Pervy hung teenage twinks sinking their fat, long uncut cocks into twitching little boy holes~

Hey to any followers and watchers! I lost the pass for my old session so I've now updated it! Please hmu again so I dont miss you lol

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She decided to dress up for her new babysitting job. The parents were very impressed and thought she looked gorgeous. What they didn't know is she wasn't wearing panties and planned on using their daughter as a fleshlight

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Your mommy thought you were big enough to go to the bathroom by yourself… Now you’re about to experience how good girlcock feels and how good pedo assholes taste

Pedo, newborn, birth 

The perfect time to introduce babies to rape is the very moment they hit the air! Newborns come pre-lubed out of their mommies, usually mouth first so deepthroating them is easy! Of course, of you're very lucky, the legs and cunny will slide out first and you can enjoy your newborns pre-lubed puffy baby puss~!

If they're not dripping with moment moments after it's over what's the point anyways?!

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morning to all of you baby fuckers and child molesters~<3

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Loli Pedo 

Raise your hand if you're horny for child pussy 🤚

#fantasy #pedo #baby 

Raping anyone over 10 is cheating! 0-5 is the preferable breeding age for boys and girls, but as late as 9 is acceptable.

Ideally, as soon as they arrive their cunnys and holes should be stretched!

Very first post let's go!

Cribs are such an ingenious design! You can just slide your baby or toddler to one edge and do everything right through the bars~!

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