I’d love to have a cute and submissive little brother. I could tease him all I want. 😝

:birdy: Awkward erections and where to hide them # 1
Scenario: Kindergarten :woah:

1)Oh, just look at you and the situation you just got yourself into! :blobsweat:

2) But everything is a-okay. Just maintain calm and grab the baby girl of your liking, remove her clothes waistdown and jam your awkward erection opening her little cunny. 🤔

3) Relieve yourself and cream her until your erection is gone and there you have it! You are good to go! 🤤

3.5) Repeat as many times as necesary :blobangel:

Minors should have access to porn

Minors should be allowed to produce porn

A commission by @hua113

Another simple, yet very effective piece for all my fans of the younger ones out there.

Lil' boy, lil' peen, and a tight lil' butt, what else do you need? With a catboy this small and cute, you really oughta bring a friend. After all, he deserves a little drink of milk for being a good boy and letting you take that perfect rump :3 Although, I'm sure he wouldn't mind a second helping of your milk after the fact.

#shota #toddlercon #catboy

Way too many people like little girls for it to be a bad thing. They're just too sexy

Do you know how many pedo captions I would make if I had anything that could make those captions?

All of them

TRIGGER WARNING: Cock-vore, Snuff

With all the crazies slipping things into kids candy you have to be a bit more proactive when it comes to halloween these days, you can't let them have all the fun~
(I know halloween has been over for a while now, but I've been sitting on this one for a bit cause I didn't know how it would be received. Posting it anyway cause why not :3)

My ideal woman isn't just a pedophile but becomes horny at the mere mention of kids!

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