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Pinned toot 🎶 Glory days, well they'll pass you by. Glory days; in the wink of a young girl's eye. Glory days, glory days. 🎶

@heatherm999 Did you know, Heather, that when you block someone on another server, it sends out your IP to that external site and dumps it directly into the browser cache, I'm looking at it right now,

With this information, I can not only determine your home address with a simple VPRS6 decryption scheme (the search engines will usually get it wrong) But I can also monitor all traffic that comes through your network, and wow that is a lot of porn, I hope that's your husband 🤣🤣🤣

In todays news: "Ugly women show that they're just as ugly on the inside and how women are more critical of women than men are!"

fedi, the place where rich people hang out, apparently

@tk windows 10 still 1/200th of what it was 20 years ago

Fediverse: Hurr Durr technology

Me: Alt + F4

I don't know if its the quarantine speaking but my sister looking real fine rn
do you think we'll keep getting junk mail during the lockdown?

I sure wish I was asleep and not cooking right now

@J @igeljaeger @jasonl8446 @freemo @thecosmicawakening Cracka you sayin' this nonsense and I will pull your fake-ass aluminum katana off the wall and use it to cut your fedora in half.
Me: exot
Terminal: What?
Me: exjt
Terminal: Take your time
Me: alt-f4
You ever try to talk to someone who's watching mainstream media and you just see that flouride stare in their eyes
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