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I think national stereotypes really are true. I haven't met a brit who doesn't like tea, a German who doesn't work hard, a Frenchman who doesn't eat baguettes or a Turk who isn't racist.

Right-wingers always complaining about Trudeau has the samw energy as democrats always complaining about Trump

I am not your mother. Don't come to me to complain about shit i don't care about.

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Men when they're told to get in shape: hmmm okay maybe you're right
Women when they're told to get in shape:
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THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING THESE. The only thing that’s flawed here is your brain for not normalizing these.

Why doesn't YouTube let me tell them that I'm not interested in this bullshit?

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This is more personal than something I’d usually make but it was both important to me and something I felt I needed to do.

"The Problems With The LGBT Community (and My Erased Identity)":
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PhythonSelkan is such a stupid fucking channel. I don't understand how so many people can take his videos seriously when he can't even get simple geography right.

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