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Everyone has a right to their own opinion but that doesn't mean that I don't think your opinion is retarded.

People still trying to write off anything JonTron says because of some unrelated shit he said like 4 years ago lol

YouTube please stop giving me bra ads. I don't have tits.

I remembered this song and have now had it stuck in my head for like 10 hours

If John Cena was Chinese, would he be called John Sino?

Would you rather

At my last school there used to be a guy who said "hey sister" to me every time we walked past each other, since I looked gay. No idea who he was but I miss him

Make sure you never say something slightly controversial on instagram otherwise people will reply with retarded shit like this

Imagine if 9/11 was done by animals. Never fur-get.

Complete mainline Silent Hill collection! Now I have to find something new to obsess over...

Completed Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. 2/10. This is the worst game yet.

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