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Arguing with someone IRL is so much more fun than doing it on social media

We should get Ben Shapiro to listen to Egg White

Why does YT consider me watching part of a video then coming back later to be me watching the entire thing twice? Stop recommending me the same podcast episode I listened to just a few days ago

@K move over, ugly_bastard, it’s average_guy season for the ladies.

wish they did more porn just with ordinary looking guys. he's honestly way hotter to me than most men i've seen do it

really wish that more online femboys would drop the "uwu im soft boy" persona.

Can't wait to see what Pierre and Starmer's romantic relationship will look like in three years
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What in the world did I just witness

the person sitting across me whilst i was drinking tea earlier today was so god damn adorable

2024 best case scenario:

Amash runs on the Libertarian ticket, gets 8% of the vote. Trump gets 21% as an independent, DeSantis gets 34%.

Biden secures a 2015 UK general election level victory.

Pretty sure that Trump just secured a Joseph Robinette Biden 2024 victory.

Anti-democracy people will never be able to convince me purely because they can't decide between "democracy is bad because it gives the majority of voters power over the individual's life" or "democracy is bad because it doesn't actually give the majority of voters any power".

Why do Tears For Fears always have to have like 10 different versions of their song spread throughout 7 different albums ???

You support Ukraine because of Russian imperialism.

I support Ukraine because of American imperialism.

We are not the same.

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