recent events have made me switch from slightly preferring the republicans over the democratic party to slightly preferring the democrats over the republican party. so mad right now.

@MischievousTomato I mean that the Republican party is turning to reactionism in the same way the dems turned to socialism and progressivism after Trump won.

@K it is what it is
in the end politics are a sport

@K honestly I don't go to either at this point I just give up. I Just vote for the candidate

@Mr_NutterButter @K same here, it so happens that for the most part the candidates i like either run independent or with libertarian party, which is another can of worms but at least not part of the red/blue dichotomy.

will they ever actually win anything? :peepoShrug: i don't really care though, i wanna vote for someone i align with instead of voting against someone else or blindly for a party.

@K don't favor either party, they're both shit

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