Never really understood the obsession over framerate. Played through Portable Ops at like 24fps and was never bothered by it. By the way, complaining about an anime for having a low framerate is like complaining that a silent movie doesn't have any sound.
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Some popular shitposter quote-retweeted me gushing about the animation on aqua’s freakouts and I already know im going to spend the rest of my day seeing ignorant commen…

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Listen I am not a furry but my brother bought me these shorts and

I think it's pretty fair to say ZeRo is an awful person. What he did was terrible and I'm certainly never watching his content again. He will not be missed.

What the hell is this? Is this real life? Groypers are another species from a different planet to me.

What if we kissed in the Trump House?😍😘😳
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Drove by this today in PA... Endless @realDonaldTrump supporters have been stopping by!

What's with the idea that the US is the only superpower right now? Did people forget that China, Russia, France, Germany, India and the UK exist?
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Happy July 4th! The Republic of China n the US share similar values n the same goals. 80 yrs ago, we jointly safeguarded our nations’ survival. Today, we still stand together to fight against the coronavirus. God bless TW n America!
(photo courtesy of Smithsonian inst.)

Men when they're told to get in shape: hmmm okay maybe you're right
Women when they're told to get in shape:
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THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING THESE. The only thing that’s flawed here is your brain for not normalizing these.

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