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I can't believe January was seven months ago, time has been flying by for me quicker than ever. One the plus side, it's probably because I've been enjoying myself more often.

i'm sick of homophobia being rebranded and sold as "trans representation".

Is it grammatically correct to capitalise the G in gay in this context?

Idea: In a First Past The Post voting system, you should be liberally using PACs, NGOs and lobbying to influence elections as a replacement for your lack of ability to start a sustainable third party. Not only is this the right choice to make, it's just about the only choice.

The American government did something cool for once in awhile, nice.

Gotta be honest: I don't really know who Kemi Badenoch is... and our political views don't seem to align too well.... but damn is she smoking hot. If we based our elections on who we found the most attractive, I'd always know who to pick. Just sayin.

Okay, decided to go through with it. R.I.P Khris Kranko 2018 - 2022. welcome khris kranko but with a new channel name

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recent events have made me switch from slightly preferring the republicans over the democratic party to slightly preferring the democrats over the republican party. so mad right now.

I wish that the books written about things that I'm interested in that I need to read to find out more about said things weren't written boring as fuck

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