WIP this is the concept for the creature cards and the map for the fantasy world I'm working on. The maps land needs to be rearranged and the right side of the map needs to be completely redesigned. I also didn't finish the stylistic look of the map yet.

As for the creature cards I'm still playing around with concepts, I'm definitely commissioning this artist to create my creatures.

If I end up commissioning a different creature artists, I'll definitely have a reason, probably the style.

@icedquinn Technically the map is zoomed out but yes.

There used to be more land...

@Mr_NutterButter we had a tabletop thing like this but the spider lady was one of the gods.

that planet sucked though. all of the gods rolled neutral or evil.

the space stoat was obsessed with shopping carts

the earth golem was obsessed with magical girl transformations

the sea god didn't really give a shit he was just grumpy and wet

the spider goddess was the only way you're getting magic without having to become a weebu but she bores easy :blobcatgoogly:

@icedquinn Oof

The world I'm creating deals with Elemental powers and darwinism taken to a extreme if creatures were able to bend and manipulate elements for survival.

@icedquinn What makes it so dangerous is the idea of Darwin's theory.

Gigantism and hostel environments on each of the islands.

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