@beardalaxy I just watched the entire movie and oh my God.

The movie looks like you told Chat GBT to try and imitate spider-verse with the 2D and 3D but it failed horribly.

It combines all of the worst Disney tropes all into one movie the dialogue is so on the nose self aware and poorly timed that it constantly took me out of the movie and immersion. And the music line feels so incredibly forced it's actually insane not only that I think this is the only Disney movie with music that I not enjoy any of the songs. Not only that but the villain song is the only song I remember and the only reason I remember it is because it is cartoonishly evil but incredibly self-aware which makes it awful.

They also made a villain that is good in the beginning but then for no explainable reason is a dick for half the movie and then just randomly becomes evil.

Like if you're going to have an evil villain just have them be evil from the very beginning there's no reason to do this.

The villain actually was an interesting character before they made him evil...

When he became the full villain he somehow got flattened from 3D to 2D character development.

And the cherry on top!

This is obviously supposed to be imitating European fairy tales but they have all cultures mixed into this fantasy world that it doesn't feel even remotely rooted in European fairy tales at all, and because people were speaking Spanish, Arabic and other languages it completely broke the immersion. It made me so aware of the setting it's actually insane, it reminds me of a Disney Junior cartoon.

3/10 Score

The only reason it's not a zero is because of how entertainingly bad it was.

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