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4/2022 FAN Request: 06

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Aunty's been teaching me how to suck dick lately- and I'm getting really good at it too! My sis even helped while I learned how to lick the back door too~

lewd audio performance 

Audio of a greeter welcoming you to the Loli Public Toilet and to make use of all the willing Rape Children waiting for you. She hopes you rape her first!

I would give source for this if I could. If you know, I'd appreciate it! I swear it came from someone at baraag, file name mentions Vocaroo.
If I ever fucked a kid I'd want to at least for a little bit pick them up and move them back and forth like I'm using a fleshlight

Someone send me a picture of their fat cock. I’ll tell you how it makes me feel. 🥰

Two little boys experimenting with eachother and discovering how good it feels to rub their privates together and play with each other's bubbly butts. staying up all night...making out sloppily while they buck their hips and rubbing their little boy dicks against each other, both of them groping and squeezing and fingering each other's asses, by the end of the night they can both fit three or four fingers in their ass and they've both endure countless orgasms, but they're still going at it~

Pedophilia, girl who has never seen Dragon Ball attempts to do a Dragon Ball themed caption 

Android 18 wasn't a pedophile. However, when somebody gave her the money, she just couldn't help but drop her pants for the underaged boy giving her the money to fuck her...and that was all it took to convince her! She woke up the next morning a bit hornier for kids than usual...

Yes I released two captions in the same day. That's going to be normal, excluding the upcoming set of 8 pictures.

#pedo #caption #captions #pedo_captions #dragon_ball #android_18

god it's hard being a Trans Woman and having this natural attraction to kids... what's hard is my dick~ #pedo #trans

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