after hours of gooning you don't even care what you're pumping to anymore, as long as the slut gets tighter and younger 🚸 you don't care if she's moaning playfully πŸ₯΄ You don't care if she's crying πŸ’¦ it's just porn to beat off to for you, even if it is you sick creep πŸ‘Ά make your nasty stick leak for

Some assorted simple images to be used as fuel. Keep all porn in one single folder and relapse whenever you're trying to masturbate to normal porn

your porn addicted brain to death on porn and never get hard for adults ever again. Drool like a retard and squirt for kids

let your cock control your life and validate corporations who put little girls into videogames πŸŽ’ blow your bank roll on them and let them know that you're a nasty who only wants to stroke to children all day πŸ€‘ you're sick and you want to be taken advantage of, you pitiful gooner

Make boys pop a boner by buying oversexualized skins & melt their mind with that shit πŸ’• push them further into porn addiction πŸ’‹ Hook them on orgasms, pornfuck their brain and turn them into dopamine junkies for life πŸ’Š

turns you on because you wish you could go back in time and be a little again who gets his brains fucked out by a πŸ’–
That's why the double standard exists for a female πŸ’‹ and you don't even hate it

It's okay you nasty creep. They're just drawings, they can't turn you into an actual obsessed loser
just turn off your brain and put your cock in control
give it the young and tight cunnies it wants

Here's a for all the losers out there who get on their knees for little girls

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