Im not forgetting all the males who start jerking off faster the moment they are denied by a or when they're fantasizing about a humiliating them πŸ€¬πŸŽ’ it makes your dick ache looking at all those little girls and their kiddie feet and you wish they would bully you for being a piggy, because you are a pathetic hand-fucker and desperately waiting for a little girl to collar and leash you like a dog πŸ”’ its the only way you can get off anymore πŸ’¦ thinking how a preteen could own the fuck out of you and ruin your life while you squirt your disgusting load all over your drained bank statement, which has been emptied by a tiny brat who walks all over you and treats you like human garbage πŸ‘£πŸ’‹πŸ€‘

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@bad_belle Gonna do a quickie this instant just for this post~! <3


Please do more, I’m gonna proceed to goon for another hour than bust all over those cute Loli feet >~<

@bad_belle hahaha is the 3rd one using snippets from discord conversations? either way it looks like it and that's a really hot idea, i think that may be my new fav of your posts!!!

@bad_belle "She's not a 500 year old dragon, she's a 8 year old child" is so hot.
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