guys.... it really is not that hard...

even after registrations have been locked because people would just jump in and do this over and over and over, i still see old users breaking these rules, even after being warned about them already. if you can't follow the rules you're going to be banned, so please actually look at them and consider what you're posting or boosting.


i don't want to keep banning people for doing this shit that's really simple to avoid. even if you get warned for breaking a different rule one or two times (perhaps in fringe cases), seriously go look at the rules and make sure you know what they are. people not reading the rules is the reason why registration had to be locked in the first place. it would be nice to open them back up again at some point but that ain't gonna' happen unless people learn to read.

i don't care who you follow or what you favorite, or even just who you are as a person or what viewpoints you have, but please keep boosts and posts within the rules of this site. if you don't like it, you can find a different instance.

>no NSFW avatar
Now that's just tyrannical...

Don't know why, but I never expected a rule against NSFW avatars would even be needed.

@alyx @beardalaxy It's impossible to mark them as nsfw and most instances require nsfw content to be tagged. Seems like the sort of thing that would be obvious but that some people would try abusing as a loophole.

@Alex @beardalaxy
I honestly never imagined there would be people that wanted a NSFW image as an avatar in the first place. Guess I'm not degenerate enough.

@Alex @alyx adding to this, if you're interacting with people on instances that don't allow NSFW PERIOD, everyone can see your avatar. banners you actually have to click into the profile to see as far as i'm aware, but avatars are immediately viewable by everyone.

You don't understand, there are porn addicts who can't even crop their NSFW avatars out there and literally make the whole picture some porn. Avatars also can't be masked as NSFW on most platforms either, while you can force any image on Pawoo or Baarag to be marked as NSFW if it shows up on your instance (even if it is sfw). Most platforms ban this but a lot of them can't follow common sense. You wouldn't want it if big tits showed up on your screen during a work meeting right?
@PhenomX6 @alyx @beardalaxy "why the fuck are you on the fediverse in the middle of a work meeting" is the only appropriate response here.

@BlinkRape @PhenomX6 @beardalaxy
I honestly thought the same, but I started to feel like I'm the odd one out here, like i'm the weird one among fedi users.

@alyx @BlinkRape @PhenomX6 I hop on when I'm on breaks at work or like, in public waiting for food and shit like that, and I've got the sensitive filter enabled on my phone for that reason.

@nukie why do you think so? if you boost something it becomes a part of your profile, and if your profile is on this instance the content there has to follow the rules of this instance.

if someone could just boost whatever the hell they wanted they could circumvent all the rules. don't really understand what's so gay and retarded about not letting people do that.

@beardalaxy it's gay and retarded because they're boosts, not actual posts. Sure, it's true that boosts do show up on your personal account but they don't show up anywhere else so unless somebody is actively combing accounts to look for no-no content they will not see the stuff that's being repeated. That's why it's gay and retarded

@nukie if you lurk on the local tab you'll see boosts actually. Replies too. If you just click into it for the first time it will only show direct posts though.

Plus, followers will see boosts on their home timeline so people can report things if they see them there. Sometimes I'll see reports with no reasoning and I'll have to go through the profile to check and it's usually a boost (if anything). I'd rather not see people following someone on GL with the expectation that they're following our rules only to boost something that breaks them (especially if it's something like 3D loli/shota or worse).

@beardalaxy @nukie I think boosts in the local tl broke.
It's mainly there so the content isn't visible on the user's public profile page.

@beardalaxy >local tab shows boosts
Oh right, I forgot you use Mastodon. Pleroma doesnt do that
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