>decriminalize giving people HIV/AIDS
I'm not sure if this is just brain dead or actively malicious.

@bungabeats It's intended to boost pharma products to make people dependent on anti-AIDS drugs.

@ArdanianRight Am I reaching for calling this homophobic? Dunno, kinda seems that way. And I don't mean anti-fag (which I'm okay with).

@bungabeats It's screwing over everyone else for the benefit of globohomo and a handful of sociopathic fetishists.
@bungabeats but they will throw you in jail for not taking the cringe vaccine

This is on borderline between psychopathic and satanic.

Because I am not sure something like this even could possibly pass on psychopathy alone.

@bungabeats It’s like they are trying to see how far they can go before people try to stop them.

@MaleGoddess @bungabeats because the election was fake as has been every other election. they just no longer feel the need to make them believable, in fact it seems they want to make the fakery as obvious as possible while daring you to call it out so they can make an example of you.
@bungabeats This passed in California a couple of years ago. They literally want us all to have AIDS.

@pinemarten How fucked has this world become when I’m starting to call things degenerate now?

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