@ChristiJunior in an alternate dimension.

"Sorry, it says you're a jogger, we don't allow those here."

Whenever asks what autism looks like I'm showing them this picture.

>34°F / 1°C
>thunderstorms outside w/ lightning
What the fuck?

Fuck Soyny. Fuck Burn Loot Murder. Fuck their faggypants bullshit. Fuck

Okay, so I was watching a twitch stream, person usually does art. He pans back to his face and there was in the chat that's like "Bro you're great at art but it's a shame that you're a nigger." and unfollowed and left the chat.

Alright so this is supposedly supposed to show off the graduates of the Egyptian police academy (Egypt is very homphobic, same-sex activity is punished severely under decency laws)

It's a shame all these men are homphobic and circumcised. :alexjonescrying:

Yeah trans lives matter so much trannies are ending them so much :honkler:

We've gone so far into clown world that homosexuality is transphobic. :honkler:

I will not fuck pussy
I will not get chipped
I will not eat bugs
I will not get in a pod.

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