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It's easy to push your ideology on either Facebook or Twitter.
Go out into the world and actually do it.
Do it and don't post about it on social media.

There's something nostalgic about Android 4 devices even if I never touched them in the past. Something about that big ugly interface and those cheap screens just screams the design of 15ish years ago when played around on a Win ME, then XP PC, then computer things were still exciting

Now the interface looks... too modern, as usual. I swear, do they hire the same design guy for everything? Do we have Calarts to blame for this design trend?

The clique of progressive video gaming journalists has been exposed its bias against conservative and right-leaning members of the video game industry with boycotts and employment blacklists.

The degeneration of our society continues, this time with Pixar's upcoming Onward. The film boast the inclusion of an openly gay character in the form of a one-eyed cyclops voiced by openly gay writer, Lena Waithe.

Yahoo! News did an extensive write-up about the lesbian cop character, explaining...

Yep yep yep. Or played all night and kept the Nintendo on because there was no check point. Those were the days! 👾🎮

It's rare to see someone out of the blue take to the frontlines and break through the SJW defenses, but here we are with former WWE star Val Venis saying that he's had enough of soyboys and SJWs ruining various mediums and that he's not backing down.

Yet another channel has dropped the ecchi-comedy from Kadokawa, Interspecies Reviewers, oftentimes referred to on streaming services as Isyuzoku Reviewers. This time around it's the broadcasting channel Sun TV, which has reportedly dropped the show from their line-up.

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