Im leaving fedi

Fuck, some of you all are terrible, you know who im talking about

If you wanna talk my contacts are still on my profile bye

If I follow you, I think you're pwetty epic and I wanna hug you <3

contact disk horse kinda 

like i am perfectly willing to be friends with either ends on the contact discourse, but if you're going to be a dick to people because of a disagreement on discourse than my respect for you automatically drops. it costs $0 to be a decent fucking person

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Just had a panic attack I need to leave this place for a while, luv u <3

I really miss some people but I know it's good they are gone

religious blasphemy, vent 

literally fuck god. he has sinned more than any other being he has put into existence, and has ruthlessly punished for it. he puts people into this world to torture them, he is extremely guilty of the sins wrath, pride, and envy, and has murdered more than any man could ever hope to. he's nothing but a fucking hypocrite and sinner.

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