@realcaseyrollins a woman's body is not an incubator. Women should be willing to give birth and nobody should be able to force them to.

Denying the right to abortion and blocking access to it makes rich people being able to do it and poor people facing serious health and life problems.

That thing inside the fetus is not alive. It's a dependent being, doesn't feel anything, and is not considered a human. Just like how an egg is not a chicken.

@arh Murder is not a right. A fetus is alive. Fetuses feel pain. Trust the science.

@realcaseyrollins matter of fact, science doesn't day anything about it being alive. Science says the development of the baby starts when supermarket reaches the egg but it doesn't mean it's alive. If you want to go that far, why not say every atom and molecul is alive too? And they don't feel pain at all. Their neural system is not complete enough to send pain signals to brain. Their brain is not complete. They're just shaping eggs, not humans.

@realcaseyrollins also, not giving birth is not murder. You can't and shouldn't be able to force anyone to give birth. It's very simple. The women's body is not incubator and they are not reproduction machines, they're human beings and should be willing to be parent.


@realcaseyrollins @arh

and yeah, just another random fact: about 1/4 of all pregnancies end with miscarriages, and many women never even know about it, because nature is just a cruel bitch like that

pregnancy is not pretty, or "sacred", or whatever

it's survival of the fittest in a *very* hostile environment

@matana @arh

it’s survival of the fittest in a very hostile environment

So long as your limbs aren’t ripped off and your brains sucked out before you’re born

@realcaseyrollins @arh

what you describe is a medical removal of a developed fetus, usually done because it is fucking dead in utero and needs to be removed in order to, well, I dunno, not to kill the woman who carries it by causing sepsis?

do I need to explain what in utero and sepsis mean because you seem to know fuck all about reproductive system?

@matana @arh

It also done for non-medical reasons too

But far more often the baby is killed by the mother via an abortive drug


when abortive drugs work, the embryo is literally a clump of cells

"Trust the science" my ass. You don't even know the most basic shit.

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