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I stream on Linux
over at

Currently I am playing mostly Deinonychus, but will switch it up if I get enough interaction with viewers.

Stream is chill, inclusive, open minded, and a dose of my Raw Natural Thoughts!!

Thanks for checkin' this out!

Here is a for someone to dive into:
Developed by the Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), the Voyager Station could be operational as early as 2027, with the infrastructure built in orbit around the Earth.
Who is Orbital Assembly Corp.?
This dude is worth lookin into :
His wife is at JPL:
He gave her a 20th anniversary ring with on it, designed by him..
How of them..
So, wanna get blasted into a "space-hotel" by occultists? LOL

“We know that a lot of white parents are calling for the reopening of schools—that is simply not the case with Black parents and other parents of color,” Tyler said. “The majority of us don’t believe that students should be on campus right now because it’s just not safe.”
is all these people cry about. What about all the parents of VARIOUS ethnicity calling out that schools are unsafe because of a vampiric public health system, every-increasing tyrannical government, literal mind control methodologies used by the "educators", and all controlled and steered by psychopathic pedophiles and occultists.
These BITCH ASS TEACHERS need to pull their balls out of their purses and slap 'em on the table!!!

People who take the will be a GMMO-human_0.1a (Genetically Modified Modifying Organism ) alpha phase "human" livestock, cleaned and validated either for extermination, or secured and validated stock (kinda like we treat animals to be safe for consumption).
Your qualities will be removed if you take the shot, as Nature will no longer have reign within your being. Stand for to split your own cells and generate yourself without any modifications.

I posted something on youtube because this effects my family members and loved ones. Please help share and give a like if you agree that forced experimental "mRNA therapy" on children (or anyone) is wrong and a violation of our Natural Law Rights.

Kawww Kaawww! Ravencoin on top in last 24 hours according to CoinGecko.
I mined $89 in the last 30 days with 2 GPUs. Thank God because I'm starving and I need to have a masker deliver me some food.

Another sign of the End Times..
People selling broken GPUs for $200 .. FML
Tech news outlets claim COVID is to blame for no GPUs.
I call BULLSHIT! Same thing happened with the 2017 bullrun.

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