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More Pedo Weekend Fantasy 

Random thoughts from a preteen pussy loving pedophile.

Little girls make you so fucking hot. You love cumming to naked sexualized children. Bald, hairless child cunt. Little girls who spread their legs wide open to show you how their kiddy cunt holes gape open.

Gymnastic leotards should be of the thinnest material, with no liners so we can see their sweaty, slicked up little girl bodies.

Slutty exhibitionist little kids are the best. They know their child bodies get people horny. They want you to see their bald kiddy cunts, their child clits red from abuse. They are proud their grade-school pussy holes can take an adult cock balls deep.

Little girls who realize they like girls when they are 6 and 7 while in the locker rooms seeing other nude little girls, some being abused and can't hide their gaping kiddy cunts. And forever being attracted to nude little kiddy cunt. The perfect accomplice. A future grade-school gym coach, where she can live a life of pedo lesbian bliss.

Dream of little girls. Dream of pumping their tiny little kiddy cunts. Dream of slutty child whores.

Exhibitionist little girl sitting on a bench wearing a short dress with no panties. Pulled up just enough to let anyone who tries to look easily see her cunny

trans supremacy , pedo 

I love proving bigots right by being a filthy, perverted trans pedo. I want to corrupt pretty cis children and make them sluts who worship and serve their trans pedo masters.

Cis children need to learn their place in society as fucktoys for trans adults to use whenever we please

Pedo Weekends, Fantasy 

Random weekend thoughts of a kiddy cunt loving pedo.

You love little girls. You spend all week thinking about hairless child pussy. You have marathon all day child slut goon sessions, keeping you pedo cock edging to bald little kiddy cunt.

You get nude the second you get home for your weekend. You are a professional little girl gooner. You get your double monitors all setup. You lock your doors and cover the windows. Nothing will interrupt you pedo cock pumping. Nonstop child pussy. You spent years making the perfect kiddy goon cave.

Children make you so fucking horny. You can't stop thinking about how sexy little kids are. You want to fuck a little girl so bad. You stroke your pedo cock and edge over and over thinking about your cock pushing inside a hairless preteen little cunt. You pump your cock to little girls all weekend. Nonstop overload of child cunt, flat little chests, hard pedo cock slapping against a hairless preteen pussy, dirty kiddy sluts and pedo cum pumping into little child whores.

Pedo thoughts, Fantasy 

Pedo preteen beauty pageants.

Day wear, showing off their normal kiddy slut outfits. 6 year old child whore in a top that says "Cum Kid" and 3 inch skirt that bares her shiny, oiled up child cunt.

Play wear. 7 year old pedo lesbian who pushes a double sided strap on into her wet gaping child cunt hole. Her 5 year old sister in nothing but a collar and chain her sister holds before the randy little kid slam fucks the 5 year old before the judges.

Nightware. Where all the girls wear barely nothing on the prop bed in front of the judges. How the 8 year old spindly little girl pumped a deep black cock hard and fast in her little child cunt. Then she would pop it out fast and show the judges how much her 8 year old kiddy cunt hole gaped open.

Or how the 6 year old came out and showed her tattoo that said "Fucked at 5" and how she pumped her little cunt with a loud enormous vibrator and shouted pedo obscenities towards the judges. "I'm a kiddy whore. Don't you like how my baby cunt hole gapes open. I love being a child whore. I got raped by 3 guys in an alley last week. They loved raping a little girl like me. Do you want to rape me. Do you want to rape a little 6 year old child?" She raped their brains with her words as they watched her baby cunt buzz on the huge vibrator.

Everyone's a winner at the pedo princess pageant.

Pedo Fantasy 

Child pussy is what makes your pedo cock hard.

It's all you can think about. Smooth. Hairless. Her little kiddy clit sticking up hard and red from sucking her until her little kiddy cunt cums so hard. Her tongue hangs out as her body shakes with her child cum, her little feet twitch and she pushes her thing preteen child hips up, wanting more. Little kids want to cum. Little girls want to have their child cunts licked and fucked.

You pedo cock twitches as you think of them, you are so fucking hard for nude preteen child pussy.

You want to feel your pedo cock push inside a little girls kiddy cunt. So tight and small, you can feel every twitch of her body through your cock as you pump inside her, banging against her cervix. Then you pump your pedo cum inside the little kid. Pump your dirty kiddy fucker cum deep inside a child pussy, feeling it squirt inside her as she screams in pleasure. Oh, to dream.

How amazing it must feel to be deep in a little girls cunny and felling yourself bump up against her cervix. Knowing you are filling her up to her limit and she’s still clenching around you, begging you to keep going and fill up her tiny womb with your cum
been a bit since I cranked out a #pedo fantasy post soooo

I wish I had a QT pedophile girlfriend or boyfriend with a needy pedo cock that got hard by simply looking at children. I wanna fear it, I wanna respect it, I want it rammed down my throat while you look at naked kids, I want you to force me to apologize for having two digits in my age. Lock my useless dick up and sit me in your lap and turn on the pedo porn, see how long I can take it before I'm begging you to let me masturbate to child porn with you. If I'm a good boy maybe you'll sit your ass on my face and let me feast on your pedo hole, at least then I can listen to the children get fucked, even if all I can see is your butt... I'll carry around a tablet loaded up with all sorts of good stuff, and the moment you feel any child lust you'll order me to my knees and face rape me while getting lost in those delicious child rape videos. It doesn't matter what I want, or when I want it, I want you to force yourself on me even if I say no, after all, the kids in your videos don't get to say no either. Ignore me while you use my body to masturbate, after all, you're a pedophile and I'm not a toddler... But you can use my body to feel good while you think about what you'd rather be fucking.
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