just pedo cuck things: dreaming about your s/o fantasizing about solely kids every time they're fucking themselves behind closed doors 💚

it throws me off when people beat around the bush. Just say it! I love child sluts and you want to fuck them! You're a pedo and you love it stop feeling all that shame! It feels better to give it allll up and cum hard to kids!

(unless you're into being humiliated then you're still disgusting~ )

hhf.. I wish cp was legal so I could make normies look at it >w>;;

the words "child" and "skullfuck" look so fucking good together in the same sentence 😌

Heading back from the beach
I hope their bus driver is keeping his eyes on the road. I know I'd struggle...

Not my writing, jus sharin

"The plaid skirt, the lollipop, the pigtails-theyre all codifiers. Dog whistles. They're to tell you that she's young, a child, even though she's being played by an adult. The only reason porn producers don't use children in porn is because it's illegal. If it were legal they would absolutely use little girls instead of adults."

if i don't shack up with some cute kid in the next 5 years, just kill me. promise me?

adults are just overgrown, disposabe sex dolls. kids are the real prize

tbh, until the day i get to experience a hole full of kid cock, i still consider myself to be a virgin. only children will do

no i don't have a fixation on kids, even though just reading "cp" on a screen is enough to drive me insane with primal lust

grooming kids is important, but grooming wary adults into learning that they love kids is maybe even moreso

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