Given the post-truth world in which we live, and the continuing advances in photorealistic imaging and voice synthesis tech, the question must be begged: how long before deepfakes and real media are entirely indistinguishable? Before "actors" can be sprung from pixels? Before anyone with a laptop and sufficient computer literacy can bring their personal "truths" to life? Before conspiracy theories can be "proven?"

"You know, I really hate this fuck. This Black Dahlia guy. Have you seen the body? Fucking case just gnaws away at your guts. Hollywood...every prom queen from every fucking hick town in America turns up here. Where do they end up? Gutted on the fucking sidewalk."

M4 Sherman upgraded with 105mm howitzer in action, Pacific Storm map. The big HE rounds have surprising effect against heavy armor at close range, especially when hitting the sides or rear.

A mini-nuke or two in the face is a superb method of preempting conversations leading to violence.

I forgot that enemy NPCs in this game can throw grenades!
Added voice clip from "Freeman's Mind" Episode 23.

One of these days, I am going to find myself in yet another mundane occurrence in which somebody gives me shit, and I'll be done. No more (metaphorical) masks, no more compliance with social convention. Just brutal honesty, snark, and indifference as to whatever the freak show known as "society" may think of me.

What's a guy to do when he wants to play a good, modern medieval-themed console game? Why, pay EA, Bethesda, or Ubisoft through the nose!
Fuck that. :yeet:

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