Significant rule change/clarification:
Erotic realistic 3D models of children and drawings modeled after real children are banned. (Technically always were, but it wasn't stated explicitly and I kinda overlooked it due to that)
Rule will be applied retroactively and accounts consisting only of such content will be banned.

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@admin define "realistic" plz because of we're talking about Poser/Daz models they're anything but that

@applejack @admin children are creepy, but still, 3D is 3D, effectively sculpting and therefore art

@applejack @admin still, art, and therefore has a right to exist

even if its cringe

@applejack @matana @admin Yeah, this is basically what I mean. Left one tries to mimic reality as much as possible.

I agree. This is more of a "just in case" to not be as attractive to glowies.
@applejack @admin

@matrix @admin imo not even close

this model could be in a low-tier vidya, even

I understand the reasoning, but still

@matana @admin This is the first image I saw. Even low-tier vidya is fairly realistic in this day tbh.
Or something like this (This account was banned for something else though like a week ago):

@admin I've only posted SFW versions of the creeper girl, I swear

@admin hey it says for me that site can't be reached is it down or moved plz respond

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