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The ultimate video/documentary on the original PS3 failures.
If you own one, or know someone who owns one, this might be important to watch.

A PS3 Story: The Yellow Light Of Death

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Man, I love this day. I keep finding funnier and funnier shit. This alone will help me laugh at Apple fanboys for weeks on end. I think I'm gonna save it as a meme, and just send it to any fanboy that tries to kiss Steve Job's desiccated ass.

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What makes for a better shooter:

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Whatever you do, don't ligma balls.

I do very hard work to keep my balls clean, thank you very much. The last thing I need is you tainting them with your filthy ligging. Keep that shit to yourself. Lig your own balls.

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Fun fact: all my fedi accounts have at least 1 Half-Life reference in the profile description.

>her name literally means "mouth" in Romanian
>she's making her return from break precisely on Romania's national day
I'm calling it. The shark was secretly a Romanian all along.

Someone should find a way to rewrite the Linux kernel in javascript, just to annoy people (me included probably).

Press X to doubt.
Press F to pay respects.
Press J to fall in love.
Press O to get married.
Press I to start divorce proceedings.

i am told there are bad actors on the internet

i can only assume this is what they call those people who spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get bad apple to run on things.

A/B testing images is fun for me... don't ask me why. I don't know either.

How long have you been using GNU/Linux or #BSD?

Boost for more range๐Ÿ“ถ

#survey #poll #polls #gnulinux #linux #bsd

> Claims to hate white-supremacy.
> Buys car made by a company founded by literally Hitler.

The left can't meme, because they are the meme.
@alyx Getting into Linux sounds like getting into American Comics.

It starts with the question, "Where do I fucking start?"

And you get more contradictory answers than if you'd ask a Jew what religion was.

Me: don't talk to me ever again
Him: oh, I will make sure not to talk to you

Do people not get it? When I say "don't talk to me", the next word I expect from you is....
Nothing. I don't expect nor want you to say anything else. Your sign that you read, understood, acknowledged and respecting my demand is you not saying anything at all.
It might be hard to wrap your big brain around it, but it's that easy. Just don't talk.

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