Post #2. Warning: political screech 

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are communist terrorists. I don't care for your idiotic apologetics, I don't care for what the bullshit CNN is telling you, and I don't care that you're stupid enough to believe their propaganda. Open your fucking eyes!

I'm done with anyone trying to say "but CNN told me there's no organized antifa, so I'll blindly believe them". I'm done with any idiot that refuses to even watch the proof because "muh CNN told me Veritas are right wing, so I don't believe them, even if I didn't watch a second of their reporting".

And if you feel offended that I called you an idiot, GOOD! You are one.

What has happened with "Black Lives Matter" in US in the last month is beyond reprehensible. What they are doing is beyond any defense. And yet, I am convinced there will be someone just insane enough to try to defend them, and "muh peaceful protests". Which is why, I've decided that I've had enough.

Anyone trying to defend the leftist insanity is not my friend. I don't need you in my life to get me annoyed or angry because of your stupidity and willful ignorance. I don't want to come back here or on any social media, because I just know sooner or later I'll find one of you idiots. So for now, I'm done.

My final 2 cents: antifa and BLM are communist terrorists that will destroy western culture if you let them; leftist ideologues are mentally ill (or at the very least borderline) (note I said "leftists ideologues" and not "leftists"); everything surrounding intersectional feminism, social justice etc. is a de facto religion (and a dangerous one at that); cancel culture is a communist tactic that used to be called "struggle session"; America doesn't have enough helicopters; Yuri Bezmenov was 100% right, and you need to watch his videos right the fuck now, he even predicted the way leftists and the media are trying to raise criminals to sainthood, while villifying those that risk their lives to protect the well-being of society; women are women, transwomen are transwomen, and transwomen aren't women, but I will treat transwomen as women only because I feel this is the polite thing to do, but if at any point you start to demand I treat you a certain way, I will not hesitate to leave my manners at the doorstep and call you a man instead.

TL;DR fuck you, you lazy ass. Go read the entire thing!

I've managed to stay away from social media for over a month now. I honestly don't miss it at all, but I felt I should make a post in case anyone was concerned about my leave. In fact, I plan to make 2 posts today, but first things first...

So for anyone wondering, I am in fact fine. I've managed to avoid the coronavirus so far, even though the situation in my country is not very good. I am perfectly healthy for now, but if I happen to get it, I plan to change my avatar to one with a mask on top (don't know if I'll want/get to post about it, but I think just changing my pfp will probably be faster). I've GIMPed the image months ago, and I'm quite amazed I haven't needed it yet.

In other news, for slightly over a month now, I've took up cycling. I've actually just learned to ride a bike for the first time in my life. That was a fun experience... although I still have a few bruises. But hey, I finally found a sport/physical activity I like doing, and I'm slowly trying to get fit. That's a good thing, right?!

As for my return to fedi... honestly, I don't think I want to. Between my new hobby, and every other stuff in my life, I honestly have enough to keep busy, and I haven't felt the need to log in on here anymore, either to be entertained or to share my thoughts. And there's one other reason why I don't want to use social media anymore, but I'm keeping that for the second post, cause it's gonna go way off topic.

I've removed any fedi app from my phone, and I keep my browser closed more often than not these days (not to mention well away from any of my social media accounts). So if all goes according to plan, I won't see or respond to any comment made after my post anytime soon, if at all.

TL;DR I don't have the corona, I'm cycling in my free time now, I don't plan on coming back on fedi.

Hope all of you are doing well and are staying healthy!

Yup, confirmed. Youtube banned Molyneux. Easiest way to verify is by going to his website, and trying to view the Youtube videos he has linked there.

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I think Stephen Molyneux just had his Youtube account terminated.

Here's something for the Covid19 conspiracy theorists.

Do you know how AIDS deaths are recorded? Trick question, they're technically not. People who die with AIDS will usually die from severe infections like pneumonia, and are recorded as dying from pneumonia with an underlying AIDS condition.
So why is it like this? Because AIDS is the underlying condition that while it weakened you, it won't or can't kill you anytime soon by itself. Pneumonia came around though, and it finished you off. The killing blow is the one that counts.
But because HIV is such an unique virus, what you will have is a statistic of how many people with AIDS have died.

Now, let's think back to how Corona-chan deaths are recorded. Oh right, something like heart disease or old age weakens you, and Corona comes around to finish you off. Because the underlying condition is something you probably lived for a while, and could have probably lived for a good while longer, it's Corona-chan's finishing blow we give the credit for the kill to.

Fuck it, I'm calling it. Marketwatch probably qualifies as fake news.
In a story about how there are actually 20 million covid infected in USA, they claim the CDC came up with the number, but there's no link to a CDC statement, there's no source to anything anywhere!

Why the fuck are people trusting this site for science news!

Source of story that got me annoyed:

You know what keeps bugging me about the attempts at downplaying Corona-chan? Everyone focuses solely on the death rate. They all pull supposed infection rates out of their ass, inflating infected cases by up to 10x times based on no exact evidence, all so they can claim death rates are somehow no higher than a flu.

Let me remind you dipshits of something: the guessing work of people who might have had corona and never tested, is not something you do for the flu. You don't go every year to say "we only had X reported cases of flu, but we think the number has to be Y, even if we didn't do any medical consult to the rest of them". Sure, you can extrapolate SOME unreported cases, but not fucking 10x times worth.

But that's not even the main point I wanted to make. What annoys me is that we know Corona is not something you just get out of your system and are suddenly completely recovered. We know this thing can leave your body extremely weakened, to the point where any number of later acquired conditions could spell your doom. Death is not the only negative consequence of Corona. This needs to talked about more.

Do you have any idea how many cases of recorded deaths from HIV there are? Probably none! And you know why? Because it's not the AIDS that actually kills you. Is the other infections you get while your immune system is wrecked. No direct deaths from HIV, and yet we still consider it one of the most dangerous viruses out there.

Corona-chan is not dangerous because it kills off sick old people. Corona-chan is dangerous because it has the potential to leave young and healthy individuals with a crippled body. The usual flu doesn't exactly come with the risk of long term or maybe even permanent lung damage. Corona does.

Something I should note, this was in a section discussing how sexual deviations and fetishes aren't wrong and shouldn't be condemned or seen as "unnatural", and that individuals should embrace and accept their deviations. While "deviation" may often be intended in an insulting or offensive manner, in this context it is being used to explain why asexuality is being listed among the other sexualities, and why it too should be accepted.

I also don't necessarily agree with the second paragraph, about being sexually sublimated by their jobs. Regardless, even in modern times, this acceptance of asexuality would be seen as rather progressive. Over half a century ago, when this was written, something like this was practically unheard of.

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"Even the asexual has a deviation - his asexuality. It is far more abnormal to have a lack of sexual desire (unless illness or old-age, or another valid reason has caused the wane) than it is to be sexually promiscuous. However, if a Satanist chooses sexual sublimation over overt sexual expression, that is entirely his own affair. In many cases of sexual sublimation (or asexuality), any attempt to emancipate himself sexually would prove devastating to the asexual.
Asexuals are invariably sexually sublimated by their jobs or hobbies. All the energy and driving interest which would normally be devoted to sexual activity is channeled into other pastimes or into their chosen occupation. If a person favors other interests over sexual activity, it is his right, and no one is justified in condemning him for it. However, the person should at least recognize the fact that this is a sexual sublimation."
(Anton LaVey, The Satanic Bible, 1969)

I consider it very interesting that Satanism has officially considered asexuality to be a valid identity, and condoned and accepted it, going all the way back to its foundation in the 1960's. Acceptance of asexuality among the LGBT community is very recent, only a decade or two ago you'd find countless people denying that it even existed. Even today, many in the LGBT community exclude asexuals, or don't accept the validity of asexuality. And yet Satanism - a highly sexual religion - has accepted asexuality from its foundation in the 60's. Sexual freedom is an incredibly important part of Satanism, but sexual freedom doesn't necessarily mean promiscuity. Many who claim to promote concepts of "sexual freedom" and empowerment have very narrow definitions of what that "freedom" includes. Someone who wishes to devote themselves to a single person and remain monogamous should be free to do so, if they are truly sexually free. Someone who doesn't want to have sex at all should be free to do so, if they are truly sexually free. Someone who wishes to be in a committed relationship with two or more people at once should be free to do so. Someone who doesn't want to be in a relationship at all, and just wants to have sex with no strings attached should be free to do so. Someone who doesn't wish to have sex with someone should be free to refuse consent, for any reason whatsoever, or even for no reason at all. For true sexual freedom, all of these things must be accepted and seen as valid.

"Public figures often apologize after making controversial statements. There are reasons to believe, however, that apologizing makes public figures appear weak and risk averse, which may make them less likeable and lead members of the public to want to punish them. This paper presents the results of an experiment in which respondents were given two versions of two real-life controversies involving public figures. Approximately half of the participants read a story that made it appear as if the person had apologized, while the rest were led to believe that the individual had stood firm. In the first experiment, hearing that Rand Paul apologized for his comments on civil rights did not change whether respondents were less likely to vote for him. When presented with two versions of the controversy surrounding Larry Summers and his comments about women scientists and engineers, however, liberals and females were more likely to say that he should have faced negative consequences for his statement when presented with his apology. The effects on other groups were smaller or neutral. The evidence suggests that when a prominent figure apologizes for a controversial statement, individuals are either unaffected or become more likely to desire that the individual be punished."

If person A is highly addicted to thing X, and person B, knowing this full well, keeps shoving it in person A's face constantly, desperately trying to get them to buy it, does this still count as a consensual transaction exchange, or where does it start veering into manipulating territory?

Unpopular opinion: sex work is highly manipulative, but not in the way you expected. 

Women sex workers take advantage of a biological weakness of men, and manipulate them to give up their money, often for "work" that is insanely overvalued. It's basically equivalent to men taking advantage of women's weaker strength to force them to do something against their better judgement and will.

P.S. This post isn't intended as an argument against sex work of any kind, just more of a food for thought for anyone claiming that women are being exploited in the various sex work industries.
Also, it's just something that came to me like 5 minutes ago. Don't take it too seriously.

Public false rape/sexual harassment accusations should be a jailable offense. 

@alyx public claims like this also endanger their life with the potential for vigilantes trying to enact justice where the law has "failed".
False rape accusations are a huge issue, you can effectively end someones life without any evidence or recourse.

Public false rape/sexual harassment accusations should be a jailable offense. 

Hear me out, if you don't go public with a false rape accusation, but only report it to the police, and it gets proven false, you mostly waste time for the law enforcers, and the accused, while having gone through some hardship, at least can recover his life back to normal quick enough.

If you go public with it, you also waste time of maybe millions of people who learn about the accusation and waste time either white knighting or trying to figure out if the claim is likely true or false. On top of that, even assuming the false claim gets proven 100% false (which is unlikely, since it can be insanely difficult to prove something didn't happen, and it's an unreasonable legal standard to hold to), very few people of those that heard about the initial claim will also hear about the accused's innocence, and even fewer will actually believe it, leaving the accused forever a pariah, unable to resume his normal life. Thus, much more damage is being caused to not only the accused but to society itself once you make your false rape claim public, and you should be punished accordingly for it.

Remember Fediverse when dealing with Americans there is only two ways to do things:
>The American Way
>The Wrong Way
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