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Well... I finally got the mRNA needle. No superhuman mutations yet.

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Your last dream just turned into reality. How fucked are you right now?

If you want, you can argue that Trump should have been an authoritarian that didn't allow New York, California and other democrat states to shut down their economy to the degree they did, because that would honestly be the only way you can actually blame Trump for the post-covid markets falling.

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I don't care anymore... I'm done. If you want to be an idiot that can't even tell when a politician actually has or doesn't have the ability to influence the economy, then you can fuck off. I'm scrubbing morons from my timeline, and trying to pass borderline market manipulation as "growth" is pretty damn moronic in my book.

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You guys are cool. Don't leave your house tomorrow.

90s Romanian music is ... interesting. Especially since it was the first time that certain genres started to appear here. Yes, some of it was bad, horrible even. But every once in a while, you can find a diamond. And considering even now rap & hip-hop are fringe genres, it's quite a miracle there was some good stuff back then.

I need a cover for my book. looking for someone who can draw a tall old growth forest with an old inn nestled in it.

Budgets around 120 USD can definitely go higher

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