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Which is the worst, most corrupt, most despicable, most [insert bad thing here] piece of proprietary software you can think of? Let's exclude operating systems, cause it would be too easy for everyone to just say Windows.

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Who here knows what a quince is or has eaten one?

They're one of my favorite fruit, but recently I realized I've never learned their English name, because I've never seen them being portrayed or talked about in any kind of media, movie, shows etc.

So now I'm curious, if it's really that rare in other places.

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Fun fact: all my fedi accounts have at least 1 Half-Life reference in the profile description.

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I have a list of 395 anime I want to watch. To be fair to all the nice anime out there, I pick my next watch with a random number generator.

I have a mission for you today fedi. You're gonna be my random number generator for the next show. Pick a random number between 1 and 395, and I'll watch the anime with that number in the list. To make it more interesting for you, I've added Boku no Pico to the list. You have a chance at making my life miserable.

If Batman gained Spider-Man powers, would he be Spider-Batman or Bat-Spider-Man?

Fun fact:
In Romanian:
>"a futa" = "to fuck"
>"a futa o futa" = "to fuck a futa".

Hmm... I swear I came across a version of this meme with Kyle Rittenhouse shopped in it, and I thought I saved it, but can't find it.
If anyone has it (or sauce) pls gib.

Oh... it's Thanksgiving for American friendos.
Happy Thanksgiving guys! Make sure you go out and celebrate your Constitutional rights.

Had a dream about Half Life 2.

I'm used to having dreams about Half-Life 1, where I struggle to fight Vortigaunts, this time I was struggling to fight combine.

Heya Fedi,

I have a question for you all regarding accessibility specifically when talking about E-Books.

Does one here have to use screenreaders or such stuff in order enjoy a book?

How is accessibility with an E-Book?

Are there any challenges disabled persons stumble upon when trying to read an E-Book?

Is there something I would need to look out for that makes an E-Book especially accessible?

I would like to gain some perspective on this in order to do some research on the topic regarding a especially light novel E-Books.

Please share your thoughts and testamonials with me.

Boosts are of course welcomed as well.

Evil Valve be like, we're gonna release the Steam Deck on time.

Results are in:
38% of fedi are poponari (faggots), tied at 23%, you have curve (sluts) and cioare (gypsy niggers), and only 15% are vaci (literal translation: cows, but it basically means fat & disgusting).

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Taking off the glasses and going to sleep. See you faggots and non-existing girls tomorrow.

Fun fact about me:

I use the Black Mesa automated train ride intercom message as my wake up alarm.

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