It's an older meme, but it checks out...🚀
Just re-discovered what has to be one of the best videos to come out of the CV19 debacle. Tip'o the hat to whomever put this together, it's brilliant.

Even your dog is smarter than so many of your fellow citizens. 🐕

@amiko None of the dogs look at the dolls and it's the same guy every time. They're just waiting on him to give a command

@applejack @amiko wait.... you mean those dolls aren't real dogs eating real food, in totally candid non-staged random clips?

guess i shoulda taken the jabs after all :thonking: thanks brony for your excellent deboonking

@meowski @amiko The idea is that the dog thinks they're real and "learns" from them, while people see other people dying from jab and don't learn, no? So, what's the point?

@amiko And @meowski even said it "Even your dog is smarter than so many of your fellow citizens."

Hows the dog smart? What's he learning? That he can be trained off-camera to spit out food on command? Is that the point?


@wowaname @amiko @meowski So do the people on the right when told "safe & effective"

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@applejack @wowaname @amiko satire doesn't require debunking. but carry on, whatever
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