fantasy, loli 

a young girl humping on her daddy's leg so he stops watching TV and pays more attention to her

I want someone jerking off with my undies around their cock

Fantasy, incest, loli 

You're the one that does all the laundry in the house. You can masturbate to the smell of your dad's crotch and try on you mom's underwear when nobody's around.

But the best part is having complete and free access to your little sister's clothes. You even sell them online (her pissed pajamas always fetch a good price), when your mom asks why she keeps losing her underwear you just watch your sister getting blamed and spanked for being so careless.

You know what her little pussy smells like, and when she gets her first period you're the first one to know, a little stain on her undies says she's becoming a proper woman. Maybe you'll knock her up soon, now that you know it's possible.

i think i've hit that point where i've masturbated so much that it physically hurts now fml

is hentai baby still alive anymore? I keep seeing profiles and stuff but I can't watch any pics hosted there

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lolison and hentai bby and also youjo feel like those adult clubs with blackjack and hookers where the cool people and the baddies and grown ups hang out, while us peasants can just look trough the windows. how does that work, you just....get summoned inside? is there a pedo council and they decide or also a research team to check the candidates? "hm yea this bitch is good, let them join the party"
It's just funny to imagine how they do it lol

Honestly, trans boys should be used as a live-in fleshlight.

fantasy, shota, watersports 

you tell your boy-bitch you're going to come inside, but instead you just pee inside his hole. He's too young to cum yet, so he just thinks that pee is all that comes out. When he finds out the truth, he'll be so addict to feel your urine that he won't mind at all

hornyposting, drugs but not really, lewd trans stuff 

holly shit I got testosterone today and it's fucking kicking, my dick is on fire...this is it, the heat is here. I'll probably cum around 10 times in a row, I'm already so wet and everything is hot as fuck aahhfgjkl

I just get one shot each month but I like to think it's just my rut drug instead of normal boy juice. Everyone needs a trans boy in their lives I think we're generally very good bitches

fantasy, rape, preg, babycon 

I want to be raped while I'm pregnant and know my baby's being raped too. know that cock is forcing its tiny holes open. know that my baby is being forced to be a sex toy before it's even born

Fantasy, pedo, gore/child abuse? 

A babysitter who chokes on a little boy until he pisses himself because he's too young to cum yet. They hide the marks with a scarf and some makeup, and when the parents are back, little boy smiles cheerfully and says he had lots of fun and the babysitter was very nice to him, so they keep hiring the same one for a while, unaware of all the violence that occurs when they're not around.

One day they instead find him laying on the floor, alone, with bruises all over his body, especially on his neck and ribs. Cum, and a bit of blood too, flowing out of his asshole and mouth...The truth is revealed: he's been choked and kicked to an orgasm countless times, and god knows what else! They're horrified, but he's smiling and telling how good it feels to be raped and hurt, so the parents can't do anything about it...they'll keep getting more sadistic nannies to please their new masochistic son.

hornyposting, venting? 

Once again I woke up at 4 am begging for sex and rubbing myself on everything because I didn't masturbate enough trough the day to please my sex deprived instincts...I couldn't even remember that I have a dildo so imagine me just there fingering like a pathetic dumm slut until I came and the tiredness post orgasm made me go back to sleep lol

@cunnyboyslut I just wanna be gross while somebody calls me cute and degrades me for it 🥺

Suddenly wishing my mouth was buried in a dog’s anus 😵‍💫

Woke up 2 minutes ago and I’m already stroking myself. Fuck I’m so addicted to pumping my dick for sick wrong evil things 🥰

Fantasy, pedo 

A world where you're legally obligated to pound kids but kids legally can't cum or wear clothes so they have to be caged and naked all the time, until they're grown ups and ready to produce and fuck the next generation

fantasy, pedo, bad parenting 

As you're watering your garden, you hear a giggly little voice in the neighbor's backyard. A cute girl, stomping and laughing loudly around a water spreader, her body shiny and wet. Your bulge starts tickling, but you soon notice her mom, laughing innocently and recording the "wholesome" moment.

You think you should keep your distance and observe the girl carefully from your window, to not get in trouble. Then you notice how the mom is rubbing her own crotch, so you rise a thumb when she finally looks at you, and she points to your own bulge when you smile back at her.

You keep talking to the new neighbors, and eventually become good friends. You chat sometimes, and she even sends you more cute pics of her daughter doing all sorts of things: They're cute at first, just eating or wearing adorable toddler clothes. In some pics, she's playing roughly with her daughter's pussy, making her cry, or sucking her clit as she giggles just as you heard her the first time...some pics have them wearing sluty gear, and some not wearing anything at all, some "games" are quite naughty.

Soon you become more than good friends. You visit them often, and "play" with both of them. Her mom even lets you call her your little bitch girl, just as she does. You're planning on getting married and form a little pedo family, maybe expand it a bit too by getting them both pregnant.

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