If you are a patriot who loves liberty and are obsessed with trying to wake Americans up, you might find that only 10% of people are willing to take the redpill and join the resistance.

Some patriots might feel hopeless and try to drown their despair with alcohol and drugs or commit suicide, but DO NOT throw away your life.

With overwhelming odds, freedom-lovers need every person they can get.

Tomorrow is not going to be better. You cannot vote your way out of tyranny. Why would the elites restore the Bill of Rights now? Who would trust the globalists if they did?

Why wait for the Communists to be elected in 2020 or 2024, the US Ponzi economy to implode, or guns to be confiscated? How much evidence do you need? The collapse is certain.

The war has started. Americans can either flee to another country or buy a sailboat or target the elites, politicians, Gestapo, or soldiers.

One good thing about living in a police state is that tyranny gives you courage because you have nothing left to lose. We are all terrorists today.

The homeless, junkies, illegal immigrants, prostitutes, Muslims, business owners, gun owners, reporters, racists, and protesters are all targets.

Are you just going to go to the concentration camps without saying a word?


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