One of the worst things about the US collapse is the waiting.

You almost hope that the stock market crashes, ATM cards stop working, the concentration camps open, and Civil War 2.0 starts next year.

Americans today must know how Americans felt like in 1850, the Russians felt like in 1985, and Germans felt like in 1930.

Everyone knows that the wheels will fall off the bus, but when?

The globalists, the supporters of the elites, the patriots who have given up, the censors, the politicians, the Gestapo, soldiers, and taxpayers are all responsible for the US collapse.

The US is decaying.

The system cannot be changed from the inside.

Would there be any changes if the elites and politicians ended up dead in ditches?

Would there be any changes if 60 million Americans protested in Washington, DC?

You have nothing to lose by resisting now because everything is illegal and we are all terrorists.

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