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"Momma- I s-said I wanted breakfast- b-but ya always giv me dis now- n-no I didn't say it tasted bad- p-please gimme more juice..."

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hornypost, Pinches Brand sluttiness 

My IRL mature and responsible nature is always holding back my desire to be a total horny harlot, just barely..

i think all it would take is accidentally ending up at one little gloryhole, and everything comes undone and suddenly i'm a happy NEET spending the rest of her days ditzily mooching and kissing cock 💀

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I think I would buy a huge lifesized, expensive and highly detailed horsecock dildo just so I can cuddle it in bed, naked, like a little girl and her favorite stuffed animal

squeezing it in my thighs, and running my tongue all around the flared top..

hug it and snuggle it with my cheek..

Run my feet back and forth over it..

Kiss down at the huge horsie balls..

and then flip a coin as to which hole I'll try to fit some of it into tonight :blobmeltsoblove:

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Me walking through the candy aisle at the convenience store: and I'd put that one in my mouth and I'd put that one in my mouth and I'd put that one in my mouth and I'd put that one in my mouth and I

Me browsing sex toys online: and I'd put that one in my mouth and put that one in my mouth and put that one in my mouth and I'd put that one in my mouth and I

Aunty's been teaching me how to suck dick lately- and I'm getting really good at it too! My sis even helped while I learned how to lick the back door too~

W-what?! No that's not my cock! That's my... w-what is that called?! w-whhaa why are you pinching it?! Jerking my cock off?! But I'm a girl- a giiirl! I can't make sperm no matter how much you- owwhhaaaa l-leggo of my cock already!

L-look i don't wanna get in trouble isn't this enough? can't ya see I'm a girl now? I admitted it please! W-what'dya mean ya gotta check and make sure I'm not hiding a penis inside my... ahh wait I promise I'm not hiding one!

F-fuck stop geting stiff dumb nipples- they'r gonna find out! They'r gonna... wait, why's the lifeguard winking at me? S-stop that yer making it worse miss lifeguard! <3

T-this is so humiliating! i know i'm flat but making me dress like a... d-damn it why isn't anyone figuring it out?! I'm a girl damnit!

S-stupid big smelly monster cocks~ g-get those away before I s-suck them all clean~

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C-clitty- clit... I c-can't stop sucking... e-even if I drown....

N-noo! Every time I cum i get younger! I-if this keeps up I- I'll be a toddler and that thing's gonna r-rip me apart! Mmmph- n-no cumming agaaain!

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For anyone that reposts this with the , within the next 24 hours I'll send an exclusive caption picture.

Let's see how popular we can make the

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M-miss troop leader ya got a cocky? That- that's not gonna fit no way no way, no matter how much of their nectar I spread over it!

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