about to have unlimited secret access to a cute transboy's closet, feral horny time

when did this website come back i was just about to delete it from my bookmarks

you should DM me! or just slip me your address and I’ll give you a surprise 🖤🖤

You should send me fucked up anonymous questions or things 🖤 tellonym.me/hexaet

taking panties and rubbing them all over your cock before returning them to the clean laundry 🖤

delicious incest/rape 

It should be normal for mothers to take their kid’s virginity…

Had a dream I was having fun knocking up my mom, I wish that was how I lost it :blobcatheart:

Not that I minded getting raped by a cute girl in high school… at least in retrospect

Using alien technology to transfer the mind of your crush into that cute loli you obsess about, and proceeding to rape her helpless little form :blobcatheart:

Cute girlfriend who holds your crush down while you rape her, having lured her over in the first place.

Don't you just want to rape some cute pussy? What's stopping you?

The clones can either be braindead or with a full suite of memories.

In the braindead state they last about 1-2 months in perfect condition as long as you IV feed them regularly. Muscle atrophy will eventually set in, but they can be refurbished with treatment.

With full memory, they can last as long as you can force them to eat and don't do anything that would kill them. Certain reinforcements can be made to their body to make death more difficult, but anything biological will always have limits.

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Since clones grow quickly and can be customized, you can have your clones stop at any age 🖤

I would love to have a 15-17 y/o clone of a certain cute transboy I obsess over. I should actually have some spares for all the sick fantasies I have...

Yes, making clones of people you want to rape/abuse/kill is totally OK. The original doesn't even need to know. It's the most ethical option.

If elected President, I promise to make cloning legal while ensuring that clones have absolutely no legal rights.

Tellonym question - “I want you to rape me out of sexual frustration while looking at lolis and shotas because you won’t look at cp tbh, take all that pedo anger out on me <3”

This is a wonderful and wholesome idea. It’d be really hot to rape someone and not even give them the satisfaction of attention. Just using them as a hole while you look at lolis or other porn on your phone. They’re just that worthless.

transboys should let transgirls breed their pussies relentlessly so that everyone can save on sperm/egg banking costs

any of you sick fucks wanna point me towards good nsfw artists who draw transmen

love a girl with removable limbs

it helps that all girls technically have removable limbs

stealing a backup of someone's mind and putting it into a (very illegal) hyperrealistic sex android copy of their body so you can fuck it until its a broken husk over and over again. break it, maim it, it can all be repaired - but the mind can't be.

i need to get some fresh stolen panties :tanya_sigh:

downloading an app to hypnotize/reprogram your best friend so you can fuck them without permission, but you accidentally mindwipe them instead. you got the fucktoy you wanted right? sorry it's just a permanently braindead hole now...

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