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But of course moralist people don't care about the real issue, they just want to feel like a hero on the internet.

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General disclaimer:

1.- None of the pictures posted here are my work, this is not an artist account.

2.- All art belong to their respective artists, if you want to know the source of some work you are free to ask me or you can use tools like Saucenao.

3.- All of the media posted here are works of FICTION, none of this is real, and no real people have been hurt in the production of such material.

4.- All people who sends me messages without understanding the above messages will not be dealt with, they will be either ignored or silenced.

Thank you for your follows and keep looking forward for new posts!

It's been a while since our last page release, and we need to remedy that! So now we've got not 1, but 2 pages to release from the "Small, Tight Spaces" comic!

Feast your eyes on pages 8 & 9!

Emma's really got Rory by the balls, literally!

Follow our Baraag for the latest comic page releases, and check out our :subscribestar: Subscribestar for early access to content such as upcoming pages and WIPs!

#shota #loli #sholicon #oc #comic #incest

Based on a shota image, I'm afraid I don't know who the artist is to give him proper credit.

* the little guy has a scary head, since then I've updated his model a few times.

#boyparty #boys #jerkoff #blowjob #bbbb #shota #undies

#lolitober day 8 bunny suit

my job is making this harder than I expected u.U

next one will be a combo of shy + kindergarten uniform, hope that way I can catch up a bit easier

hope you like the pic!

It's really been a long time since I drew Dotei (Child Emperor). Maybe I should try draw him again, if there was a chance for that.

#shota #shotacon #ショタ #opm

Ok, that's a more sexy, tasty... and extreme version of the pocky game.

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