Pedo Life Fantasy 

The run down, trashy part of town has always been where the darkest desires thrive. The poverty and crime stricken trailer park is a haven for your pedophile needs.

The cops stay away, the mom's are prostitutes and druggies. The dad's pimps and thieves. Nobody cares what happens here.

The mom's dress their preteen girls like child whores. They know their only way out is to sell that kiddy pussy. They run around without shorts and nothing but thin worn underwear. Their bald little cunts peaking out as they play,

When it's hot they simply strip their little kids nude and throw them a hose. You walk about and stare at their wet, hairless child cunts.

It's ok if you get hard. Their mom is hoping to see your pedo cock rise. The mom spreads her little 7 year old girls legs open, baring her child pussy openly on the lawn as you walk by. You can see her gaping kiddy hole, its open and used.

It's ok. Nobody cares. You can pull your pedo cock out and stroke to her preteen child pussy. The mom pushes her finger inside her little girls kiddy hole, deep and full as you watch. The nude wet slicked up child whore is ready for a good hard kiddy fuck.

Nobody cares what happens in the worst parts of town. It's the breeding ground for child sluts and kiddy whores. It's their only way out and they know it. So the mom's dress and tease and beg for their little girls to get fucked hard and raw in their child cunts.

You can fuck her. You can fuck a tight 7 year old child whore. Her mom wants you to. She is hoping you will pound your pedo cock inside her child's abused kiddy cunt. She knows her little girl needs to earn her keep.

It's the only way out. You just need to find the right trashy kiddy slut loving pedo mom's in the right part of town.

pedo fantasy

Pedo Life Fantasy 


*writes, 'volunteering to aid the impoverished' on the resume'
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