The collapse of society was bad for many, but it was great for pedos when the child slave auctions opened up.

Sex and masturbation toys should be for everyone. Little kids need to cum too. They should have full lines of little kid vibrators and training sets .. and it should be normal for little girls to keep a buzzing little egg in their little cunnies as they walk around in public.

It's important to be honest with yourself.

I am a pedophile.

You should say it out loud. Hiding the true you is damaging to your health. You need to obsess about nude little girls. Think about their hairless little pussies all the time. Live a pedo life. You can do it. I believe you can be a great pedo too.

There should be nude beaches just for pedos and pedo families. Hung pedos walking the beach with their thick cocks bobbing as the walk the beach, staring at the little preteen kids, slicked up with oil, the little girls with their legs spread wide and their child cunts gaping open for everyone to see.

It's important to listen to children. Their feelings, wishes, and desires are important and it's not right to ignore their important developmental needs.

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