Touch Controls v1.0 is now released (actually for a couple days now but forgot to post about it here).


Available at:

Booth (requires account to DL):

Gumroad (needs an email to DL):

I'm on odysee now.
Follow me here!
I'll be posting asset release videos here as well as any vrchat/udon tutorials I come up with

ArchiTechTV v1.2 is released.
This release adds proper support for programmatically changing the TV's active video from your own Udon scripts (both UGraph and U#), as well as a handful of minor bug fixes.

You can get this update on both my Gumroad ( or my Booth (

Don't forget to come join my assets discord!
(Link available on the product description pages)
I offer technical support for any of my assets as well as beta versions of upcoming releases and assets in there.

New update to my udon pens. Switched to a new unified menu flow. Beta access is available on my Assets discord server.

Published an update to the v1.1 TV to correct some sync issues for live streams. Updated assets is available on the booth and gumroad pages.

Oh, well shoot.
BOOOOOO on having to sign into booth to download stuff.
Here's a Name Your Price posting on gumroad. Have at it!

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Gonna be posting vr content here. Currently doing stuff in VRChat. Let's see how things go.

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