I no longer have a twitter account from which to tell notch to shut the fuck up


Notch has the fuck you money so he can drop truth bombs without fear. Love the guy.

@ivesen notch is so used to know-it-alls dissin his shit
@hiroyuki @gargron @whinningcripple he followed his own advice pretty often with "do I need to take half my days off?"

@whinningcripple He's an asshole with no social skills who lucked into big money. He has no wisdom or knowledge to offer from re-making Lego blocks into a video game.

He is a one hit wonder, but saying he just remade Lego into a video game is like saying you just remade GNU Social.

@whinningcripple shut the fuck up you unbelievably stupid fascist Gamer®-as-identity loser

Says the one who considered his gender identity important enough to include pronouns in his bio

@whinningcripple wow what a pathetic comeback. i actuall ly don't give a shit about gender and think it's a harmful idea/convention, that's why i'm fine with "they". putting your pronouns in your bio is basically the same thing as having a name/username; all it means is "here's what to call me" - it means people don't need to infer gender from potentially inaccurate cues like your username, display pic, or post history

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