@matrix Natural cuckery or money-induced? Or just bitterness?
@matrix should have died when he was still respected by some. Now he has an useless body and no dignity, no point in even being alive.
@nerthos @matrix hes a fat crippled retard whos pretending he found jesus now.
@matrix He's trying to walk back his crimes now before the Marxists take over for real.

8chan had substantially more free speech than 4chan, and it allowed proxy users to view and post.
@judgedread @matrix It also got a big boost when 4chan started censoring GamerGate discussions, and was actively promoted as the free speech alternative to the now-cucked 4chan.
@ChristiJunior @matrix Hot Wheels was the best admin a chan ever had. But we don't know what pressure he is under.

They could literally be threatening to cut off his health insurance.

These are demonic forces we're up againstr.
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