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@newt one of my favorite instance suspensions was somebody suspended shpposter club because it was _too close to_ "shitposter club"

Hi everyone I got from

They must have not like my .

I'll remove political jokes from post material here too I guess


> putin has a dance dance revolution machine inside of his billion-dolar secret palace

uhh... based?
>patent gender neutral tampons idea
>make hella bank
>send all the money to non profit causes promoting traditional marriage
>watch NPC meltdown

So is this a suicide, accident, "suicide" or "accident"?

Apparently questioning the mainstream media narrative of the Capitol riot in any way is now "white nationalist rhetoric" that is "repeating debunked theories about the insurrection." Like it was a historical event that happened 100 years ago that historians of every stripe have already pored over to come to a unanimous conclusion, instead of something that occurred earlier this month which is still under investigation!

When things like this happen, it's no longer "politics" as we commonly understand it. There is no give and take, no deals or compromises, nothing even resembling representative democracy. It is pure domination, crushing the opposition under your heel and calling for every last one who might be a serious power contender to be arrested. No more illusion of freedom, it is now too expensive to maintain, and the Marxian progression of mankind moves ever onward.
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