welp, there's some news about #tusky and its censorship. the pr made for banning "hate speech instances" has been merged (https://github.com/tuskyapp/tusky/pull/1303). so, there's censorship at application level instead of instances-admin banning those "hate speech instances".

do you see the problem here? the fediverse wasn't supposed to be so. and now we have twitter but in a lot of servers deployed and communicating with each other, just because a couple of persons find everything offending.

the argument to merge the change is because you can revert the commit and so. what a shitty argument by the maintainer.

so i really discourage using #tusky even being able to remove the ban, just because of the people which are part of the problem.

so apparently there was a shooting, but it's the shooter that got shot :lul:

any admin that allows lolicon must be endorsing it hahaahhahahahahaa

it does not necessarily be the entire instance. it can be just me who is blocked.

i bet you're real proud of being a degenerate messdumb fucking retard trying to breathe but its getting harder

i think i know what's happening, but i don't know ruby so i can't fix it :feelsbadman:

every single post is in lowercase.
mastodo is broken.

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