Not sure if I've posted it before, but I'll just reaffirm:

The UK gubmint has got to be one of the most incompetently managed, kafka-esque, retarded, under and over-funded, lazy, retarded (yeah, I'm saying it twice for emphasis) and bloated gubmints out there.

I understand there is reassurance when eating nachos made of plain doritos.

But I do know there are people out there who make nachos with the flavoured doritos.

And it got me thinking.

Which non-plain flavour is the best for nacho-ing?

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America is the only place where the authoritarians are called "liberals", people who want to establish a theocracy are called "conservatives", economic liberals are called "fiscal conservatives" and people who want to implement policies that have failed many times in many countries are called "progressives".

Look, OK, I'm ugly, but, like, ugly fat people should be shamed and mogged.

It is the natural order of things.

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Even in the super lib mindset of "we are all the same", "diversity" creates cognitive dissonance.

If "we are all the same", what benefit does "diversity" bring?

And then the only end response is "why not?".

But why do it? There is no tangible benefit, so why do it?

They call this "progress", but it's not progress for the sake of human betterment. It's just "progress" for progress' sake.

There's another word for that, you know...

It's stagnation.

Shit day.

Although I was told only a week ago that I could easily get a raise, I've now been told that my contract is not up for renewal this year.

I'm pissed off. And I still have to go to work for a month.


Fucks sake.

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So, right now:
Jordan Peterson is openly speaking against anonymous accounts.

Tim pool is openly speaking against anonymous accounts.

Politicians are begging for any excuse to de-anonymize the internet...

Oh no....

Two posts for today.

This one just because the edit is so perfectly done, that I have to show you it:

Aight so work was actually pretty chill.

I forgot how easy my job is, heh.

Tempered by the news that one of the people who was part of my intake group is leaving on Thursday :(

Now there's just two of us left from the original group. Neck and neck.

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Right, so after a month, I'm back to work.

Hopefully this will take away from my depressed mood, but I doubt it.

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