I have been called Ben Swolo, and I'm not sure how to feel about that :/

Super mega ultra rare Christmas Aldo.

It's not much, but it's a few years of natty progress.

Also, remember to pick a New Year's resolution that you can actually commit to.

When will the West have its own Great Patriotic War?

I sometimes daydream about fighting and dying for a noble cause.

Living after is not as important to me as involving myself in a conflict of that scale. One would be a total coward not to.


I sometimes think that I've seen too much. Obv I haven't seen absolutely everything, but at this point I think I've seen enough.

Some things I just can't get out of my head, no matter how hard I try. The images are just burned in; engraved in.

They'll pop up every now and again, at random times. And I basically have to sit there in a weird paralysis while I try to think hard to rationalize why the image/memory is there in the first place.

I doubt most people would get it...

Woke up early, went for a smoke early, worked out early, just so I could start my later workshift without even having my daily schedule completed.

I'm basically just sitting here doing nothing atm.

Bored. Watching Youtube.

I will now proceed to try working out while technically still being on the clock for the next half-hour.

Don't tell my boss.

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One of the few good things about working from home is that I can go for a smoke break and not just smoke cigarettes...



Tfw I got some striation on my pecs and delts now 😤

I can no longer stand seeing "diverse/race-mixed/inclusive" adverts.

Every day, the first advert I get, no matter what I'm trying to access or whatever, is always a "diverse and inclusive" one. And when I'm about to go to bed, the last advert I see is the same.

Even my friends; even the "diverse" ones, they can't stand it either. They can see that it's just continuously being forced on people.

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