There is such a copious amount of footage of Ukrainian soldiers being slaughtered that it's just sadism, from whatever perspective you look at it. Scores of people are killed in an instant. I'm not overexaggerating. People are being sent forwards like ants, or a Zerg-rush in Starcraft.

A company or reinforced platoon (around 50-100 men, depending) are sent forward. They get ripped apart (as in, mines, mortars, drones, artillery, ATGMs, KA-52s, explosions, bullets, taking limbs clean off). The survivors are told they have to stay to "hold the recaptured ground", with "help on the way". Another company comes. They, too, are shredded in enfilading crossfire. They ask for evac, the evac convoy is shelled, with losses (there is footage of some APCs managing to pick people up, but in many cases this was a trap, to set them up for an ATGM flank hit, and there is a catastrophic explosion, no survivors). The wounded, many missing limbs, are left to bleed to death.

The few UA soldiers that remain on the field have to gamble, and either take the risk of surrendering (there are cases of UA soldiers trying to k * ll deserters via shelling if they think they're abandoning their positions, interestingly this is a tactic the Syrian Opposition also used), or call the enemy's bluff and hunker down (perhaps they don't want to fire any more artillery than they have to?).

Reminder that the interview in this video was from a pro-Ukrainian media outlet, and it was from a Polish volunteer.

Never agree to do an interview with a media/news organization.

No matter how sincere they appear to be, they will edit your comments to fit their own hidden agenda (i.e. the agenda of the execs at the organization).

This is just sad.

Very sad.

I'm calling it (again, if I haven't already).

The West is going to abandon Ukraine, as it did every other group/state once they realized they couldn't steal any more lives/wealth.

Ukrainians will turn on the West for national betrayal (a very big thing for Slavs), as the Syrians (even the FSA types) did.

Where will they go? Who will help them, at that point?

Russia would have been willing, in the past, but do you really think they'll take you in after their cities and civilians get drone-striked to the cheers of Western media outlets?

Donetsk was apparently hit by cluster shells yesterday. What was the point in that, aside from "kill as many civilians as possible"?

Dutch giving the British a run for their money in the "most cucked Anglo-Germanic nation".

Tbh, from what I've been reading, it seems that "Affirmative Action" being ruled unconstitutional was because of the "discrimination against Asians", not at all about the discrimination against Europeans (who also, like Asians, outperform Africans and Hispanics).

So, even though AA is now a bad thing, Ytey will still get shit on.


....I regret to inform you...

.....That the Feds have found the "pedo" tag on Pixiv.....

Just wait till they find Pawoo 😳

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"What is your name?"

"Nikolay Ivanovich...Belichenko. I'm also Khokhol, and those Khokhols, those bitches, they shell us. But I've been living here for 60 years"

Full interview starts at 19:00.

The first Leopard II to be confirmed destroyed in Ukraine was lost without even firing a shot.

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Tfw Albanians are so bad that even the United Wokedom decides to go full-Nazi

Once more, Serbia has been vindicated 🇷🇸

Western alliances : *Backstabbing, betrayal, spying, bad deals, exploitation, degeneration*

Eastern alliances:

So, Bakhmut is finally captured by Russia, and we get crickets from the "free-press" Western media.

All we get is gloating about F-16s and more money to Ukraine.

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