Autogynephilia? Miss me with that terf shit. I'm only into androgynephilia, gonna smash some motherfuckin boipussy

@Galena You are literally erasing my existence by saying autogynephilia isn't real, as well as the existence of thousands of other men who have it. You genocidal maniac!

@socjuswiz A TERF accused me of having autogynephilia so I made a post saying I want to fuck cute guys in the ass. That's all.

@Galena Uh that's not a counter argument. See the study coining the term gynandromorphophilia (GAMP) i.e. sexual attraction to traps i.e. what you seem to have, which they found to be correlated to having AGP.

Big same here don't tell anyone. :blobpeek:

@socjuswiz I don't need a fancy study to tell me traps are cute, it's an axiomatic truth

@Galena Well don't ask me how but apparently some men don't think so. :blob_cat_giggle: And those men have a lower chance of having AGP themselves. In other words, if you find traps cute, chances are you want to be one.

All fine so long as you don't think wanting to be a trap means you have a lady brain and makes you literally a woman. :blobcatcoffee:

@socjuswiz There are so many things about what you said that are incorrect or stupid that I literally don't even see the point of attempting to correct you on any of them.

I found this one artist that draws cute Astolfo holes (Astolfholes, if you will).
I will now use your comment as an excuse to post succulent boypussy such as:
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