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I call my dick the knot, because it's stuck in all these white girls.

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Autogynephilia? Miss me with that terf shit. I'm only into androgynephilia, gonna smash some motherfuckin boipussy

HOLY FUCK. The Lemmy dev just deleted my comment from his Github, speaking out against his "ideas/actions". Claiming I stated the point of the Fediverse was for racist slurs. I didn't first of all, I said it was to give users the freedom to do and say whatever, without censorship, which is a massive issue with Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and the Fediverse is a great way to deal with this, especially because you don't have to fucking Federate with an instance you don't like which is already a form of censorship imo in a way, but a MUCH better way of dealing with it then one centralized group being able to say what can be said or posted and what can't, and changing rules as they go. And this is EXACTLY what the "code of conduct" he "implemented" into Lemmy does. It doesn't matter if you want to self-host an instance that allows people to say whatever, he essentially says you can't do that. What's the point? Why would anyone leave other platforms for his?
Sure part of the Fediverse, sure privacy, but censorship is the most cared about feature to leave those other platforms, what's the point of leaving them, just to get the same shit somewhere else.

And I used the word "retarded" in my response, stating "it's retarded" referring to the idea of having the "code of conduct" that applies to everyones instances, not even towards anybody specific. Banned me from the Issue, and removed my comment.Wow.

I posted the issue with what was going on at the bottom of the post I replied to, but essentially, he is the dev of Lemmy, creating an alternative to Reddit, which is cool (again imo I prefer imageboards but still), so someone had opened an issue asking how to disable the slur filter, and essentially he said the slur filter will never be removable, even if you self-host an instance.
The way he stated it wasn't clear to me, so I asked if this would be the case on instances people self-host, to allow it. And he said no, there won't be an "uncensored" version, as it goes against "Lemmys code of conduct"

What the fuck. That LITERALLY defeats the purpose of Federation. Giving users the FREEDOM to create an instance that this shit doesn't apply to. I can understand not allowing it on official instances. But restricting EVERYONE even those who wish to self-host an instance? Am I not the only one who sees how fucking stupid this is? This is no different to ANY centralized platform at that point, when it comes to censorship. If he can essentially add whatever he doesn't like to his "code of conduct" then have it apply to ALL instances, WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT? This frustrates me so much, because the platform itself looks great and has potential, but then the "code of conduct" ruins the whole thing.
Racism is a subjective thing, hate speech is a subjective thing, people may find something offensive, others won't. you can fucking block people, mute people, or just scroll past it. We have those features for a reason. We also have the ability to not fucking federate with instances that you don't like what they do. So DO THAT. Don't place a "code of conduct" along ALL instances.
Am I not the only one who sees the issue here?
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@Galena The things that people get obsessed with baffle me.

>force businesses to lay off all their employees because corona
>suddenly massive labor shortage
>use labor shortage as an excuse to import more low-wage foreign workers and to double how long all the current temporary foreign workers can stay in the country
Just one of Trudeau's many galaxy brained strats.

Despite making up only 5% of the population, gays commit 100% of the homosex.

fuck all this christcuck assholes saying I can't be cool with satan if I like to suck dick and eat burger

@0x00 @RehnSturm256 Not related to anything but "femboys are cute" in your bio really gave me a chuckle

@waifu @0x00 femboys ARE cute. :blobcatoverlycute: Some trans are too, but so many wrap their ideology around their identity, so tightly, that it manifests in this...hostile dictating upon others :comfyglare:

re: Politically sensitive and NSFW imagery 


Screw that, Giant Meteor is the candidate we should all be rooting for.

Are you upset by gun violence? With Giant Meteor, there will be no more gun violence.
Are you opposed to abortions? Giant Meteor's plan guarantees there will be no more abortions
Are you more of a libertarian bent? Giant Meteor will demolish every form of big government there is.

Other candidates get caught in the DC bureaucracy machine, but Giant Meteor will smash through the partisan gridlock, annihilate the swamp, obliterate any existing deep state programs, bring the debt down to zero, and do so without *any* budget cuts or austerity programs!
@mewmew @ZW748VSJSiwWMNBxyz

"What did this cost me to make?"

Who cares? It doesn't matter if nobody wants it.
If I tried to bake a cake, it would cost me more time, effort and money than it would a baker, but nobody would want it because it would look and taste like shit.

@fluffy @0x00 @holot @koyu There are steps I think are reasonable to take, like "Don't go out much, don't lick strangers' faces, just eat beans and shitpost a little while." I don't think "Everyone tells the government where they are at all times" is a precedent you want to set no matter what the case is.
@0x00 @holot @koyu >I said this is an effective way to fight the virus. This is EXACTLY why we are discussing it. I advocate for these measures because they do help.

I wonder if this sort of, "but it's necessary to fight" attitude was what got the Patriot act passed after 9/11.

Seems like big govt is going to be the big winner here CC @p

⚠️ PSA to all Germans ⚠️

Starting tomorrow, Telekom and Telefonica will hand over your phone's movement data to the government and other authorities.

It is opt-out, not opt-in!

Deactivate ASAP.

Telekom: optout-service.telekom-dienste


@0x00 @koyu
It's a complete violation of privacy and a power that I highly doubt with go away after the virus subsides.
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