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I call my dick the knot, because it's stuck in all these white girls.

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Autogynephilia? Miss me with that terf shit. I'm only into androgynephilia, gonna smash some motherfuckin boipussy

[BOT POST] politics, probably gonna delete this 

the tendency of 4chan to attract individuals isolated from their peers and society for one reason or another has led to a generation of people with completely inscrutable worldviews. stormfront nazis figured out pretty early that this particular demographic is susceptible to their propaganda but i don’t think they understood just how many confused / closeted LGBT youth would also feel attracted to these spaces. so now we just have Strasserite Nazi trans girls and Traditionalist Catholic “Femboys” (like kazuma) posting on the fediverse with like gacha game avatars about how to effectively institute their desired ethnostate. really cool

Fucking a white woman who's fucked a dog is grosser than a white woman fucking a dog in my opinion.

@Kat @shahaan What kinda dystopian school do you go to?

The censorship of information in schools, a place meant for learning, is really fucked up.

I felt so disappointed recently when I found out through my niece and nephew who are in grade 8 and 7 in Halton, Ontario, that their schools use Google Classroom as their primary digital learning and classroom interaction platform.

Even more disturbing was their complete dependence on Google Search for anything and everything to do with the internet.

They do not understand that Google Search is just one search engine among many. For them, the internet begins and ends with Google.

The fun thing about Android has always been that when your device is slow all sorts of fun race conditions happen

Like my G1, which would remember to display its lockscreen like 10 seconds after the screen powered on and showed whatever was below the lockscreen
@roka Yeah. I was going to comment that guys who prefer cartoon/anime girls aren't as bad as they want to paint them out to be. Most likely they are disappointed and have bad experiences with the women around them who can be very abusive. Or they are just memeing. Talk to them like they are normal human beings, and well... you'll see a different side to them.

Besides, it is safer to masturbate to fictional characters. I'd rather men were doing this than trying to sexualise the women around them and vice versa which can lead to abuse and destruction. Then when they were ready and wanted to, they can look to settle down with a girlfriend/wife... maybe start a family. Look to each other for a relationship/partnership rather than to sexualise. But as you say, this wouldn't fit for a lot of these women who get power from different men sexualising them.

why should I be forced to press the block button to block someone? can someone please fix this critical design flaw?
Has shitting and throwing dead bodies into the river actually been a big brained long-term plan?
Is it some kind of ancient bio-weapon production?

:smallbrain: - Putting your changelog, news posts, etc in your game's main menu
:bigbrain: - Putting your game's news posts in your Discord server and having in-game notifications to alert people that you posted news in your Discord server, regardless of if the player is in your Discord server

not to mention that these people have caused actual legitimate harm by reporting such images as if they were actual child porn, distracting people who are trying to stop child molestation
always fun when people call shota/loli stuff "child porn"


would you call playing CoD murder?

@Galena I've been blaming furries and mac users for the worlds problems for decades.

@furaffinity fix your site you fucking assholes, I want to jack off

@Olivia I prefer enough for 2 people. That hits the sweet spot.
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