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@dave @dielan The best part of cyberpunk dystopias was that resistance was possible, unlike in real life.

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Autogynephilia? Miss me with that terf shit. I'm only into androgynephilia, gonna smash some motherfuckin boipussy

Test poll, please ignore:

haven't made a post in months, still manage to gain dozens of new followers
I am truly fedi's greatest shitposter.

"Hope the problem fixes itself" isn't very good sysadmining, but it's the only kind I know how to do.

Tried updating pleroma to fix it, git wasn't working, couldn't resolve Tried running apt update to see if that worked, apt couldn't resolve any of the debian hosts.
Interesting. I'm going to assume there's an issue on the VPS's end and hope it fixes itself, because otherwise I have no idea what's happening.

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turning myself into a dog so i can get that white girl pussy

It's bizarre, posts from certain people I follow are making it through, but posts from some other people I follow aren't. None of my posts are federating, and nothing from anyone other than those few people are making it to paws.

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Federation on broke about three hours ago, and I have no idea why.

I want to commission some human on human porn but I only really know furry artists and most of the artists I know who do good non-furry stuff aren't taking commissions atm, does anyone have any suggestions for an artist who does good humans and is decently priced?


This account is inspired by the awesome @FuckOffGoogle initiative in Berlin.

Is there anybody interested to protest against Google in #Zurich too?

Thousand postcards like this are awaiting to be distributed around the Google campus...


I would fuck Zacian and Zamazenta. 

Pokemon Sword & Shield are terrible games though. If you bought them you likely have sub-human levels of intelligence.
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