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@dave @dielan The best part of cyberpunk dystopias was that resistance was possible, unlike in real life.

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Autogynephilia? Miss me with that terf shit. I'm only into androgynephilia, gonna smash some motherfuckin boipussy

White women be like, "Feeding your pets meat is unethical, pets should have vegan diets" in between declawing their cats and fucking their dogs.

Daily reminder that homosexuality is a hoax used as a convenient hook by corporations to gain client loyalty - they simply change avatars on SNS to feature multiple banded colours and post some idpol-pandering templates to gain brand loyalty. Homosexuality is an invention of marketing.

depressed rambling 

I've been feeling pretty miserable lately. The older I get, the more I regret not transitioning. I tried convincing myself it was just a phase, or that I'd grow out of it, or that I could suppress it and control it, but I just can't deal with it anymore. I constantly feel like it's too late now, I've been telling myself it's too late for years, and it just keeps getting worse and worse.
Things are going so well in my life, otherwise. I used to try convincing myself it was just depression, that I was just depressed and convincing myself that my body's the problem, and once everything else got better it'd go away. But it never did. Everything else got better but that feeling was always there, no matter how good my life was. I hate this. I just want to get rid of these feelings. Why won't they just go away? Why can't I just be happy, even when everything's perfect? Why am I cursed like this?

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cc @kazuma - you mentioned that you wanted to see this when it was done.

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dubcon, porn 

Let's talk about humiliation. You know what's pretty humiliating? Getting fucked in some grimy back alley. But it can get worse. So much worse. How about being filmed while it happens, or getting fucked by some animal? Why not both?
Don't forget to beg to have your pants back when they're done, so you're not stuck alone half-naked in the middle of the city. Maybe they'll be generous.

Art by Coolboysent. Joint commission with DoktorInfinity, featuring his Absol, Entropy, and his OC, Kris. My OC, Alex, is usually a boy, but now he's a girl sometimes.

@igel As a vegan I'd be against the legal prohibition of meat. It is a matter of ethics and morals, the law certainly isn't (and shouldn't be used as) a moral compass.

fuck fedilab nuking your entire post because you accidentally clicked another post in a thread while typing, this is horrible design

@HebrideanHecate Scotland needs to take more pride in its historic heritage, and start teaching Gaelic in schools and unis. Start a petition demanding introduction of such classes and lessons

I have watched the steady decline in my lifetime

Gaelic-speaking island communities could vanish within 10 years unless language policies are changed dramatically, according to a new study.

Researchers said daily use of Gaelic was too low in its remaining native island areas to sustain it as a community language in the future.

They have called for a shift away from institutional policies to more community-based efforts.

The study surveyed Gaelic communities in the Western Isles, Skye and Tiree.

@Sabex @Mummabear Bingo !

We get the Hitler body count crammed down our throats from birth but there appears to be a wilful blindness on comrades Stalin & Mao from academia.

The scary thing is Hitler was an amateur compared to those two!

@matrix I hear this kind of thing frequently from the hysterical types. As usual, we have the same old tropes.

1) Game doesn’t have trans people in it, its excluding/erasing us β€” therefore bad, or,

2) Game has tranners but you are allowed to interact with them same as any other kind of pc, including violently β€” therefore bad.

Then the crime statistics are bogus as bogus can be. Those are homicides, but its rarely the case they were killed because they were trans. In fact, the vast majority of murders in that number are Brazilian prostitutes. In Western Countries (you know, the evil ones) the number of murder of trans people killed is usually between 0-2 yearly.

Its just so much victim politics and cherry picked/manipulated statistics. I’m far from the only tranner that’s pointed this out thankfully, but unfortunately the sane voices are ostracized so they don’t get β€œair time” like the hysterical activists do.

Yeah, its bad that so many trans people are being killed in Brazil, and because they were prostitutes doesn’t make that somehow ok, but β€” that’s not a problem in the β€œevil” West β€” its fucking Brazils problem.

I think the worst part about being trans is having this these irritating people constantly making us look stupid.

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