@0x00 This is why I love Fedi. People here are more real, and willing to act like themselves. Some people's feeds are like fire hydrants, blasting all the different things they're interested in, completely assorted. People from all walks of life can find their place here.

And honestly the only reason this is how I am is because this is exactly who I am. I can be myself on here without the fear of being deplatformed. Something that wouldn't be tolerated on most centralised services and that some dictatorial piece of shit SJW admins happily copied over to Fedi.

(Dictatorial Fedi admins: Go fuck yourselves).

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@0x00 @RehnSturm256 Not related to anything but "femboys are cute" in your bio really gave me a chuckle

@waifu @0x00 femboys ARE cute. :blobcatoverlycute: Some trans are too, but so many wrap their ideology around their identity, so tightly, that it manifests in this...hostile dictating upon others :comfyglare:

@RehnSturm256 you expected loli and got giantess with loli proportions
this is even better

re: Politically sensitive and NSFW imagery 


Screw that, Giant Meteor is the candidate we should all be rooting for.

Are you upset by gun violence? With Giant Meteor, there will be no more gun violence.
Are you opposed to abortions? Giant Meteor's plan guarantees there will be no more abortions
Are you more of a libertarian bent? Giant Meteor will demolish every form of big government there is.

Other candidates get caught in the DC bureaucracy machine, but Giant Meteor will smash through the partisan gridlock, annihilate the swamp, obliterate any existing deep state programs, bring the debt down to zero, and do so without *any* budget cuts or austerity programs!
@mewmew @ZW748VSJSiwWMNBxyz

@Koishi @0x00 using just green is more eco friendly, don't discourage a gamer just because he cares about the environment.

@Chucked14 yeah having no food and having everyone around me being in a constant state of fear and paranoia is pretty fun, this trial rocks

"What did this cost me to make?"

Who cares? It doesn't matter if nobody wants it.
If I tried to bake a cake, it would cost me more time, effort and money than it would a baker, but nobody would want it because it would look and taste like shit.

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