I usually don't get mad about shipping, but Steven/Spinel genuinely angers me. I don't even watch Steven Universe but I saw the movie she's from, and I don't see how anyone can ship that bullshit. The entire fucking movie is basically just a long sequence of Steven being a massively abusive and manipulative pile of shit to her. Like how do these people see some guy emotionally manipulating a mentally ill child who is basically brainwashed into worshiping him, then flinging her off to live with literal space nazis as soon as she's no longer useful to him, and think, "Yep. That's true love. So pure!"

like even if you ignore the whole abuse and manipulation angle, she's literally brainwashed into being his slave and worshiping him, from birth. Her brain is basically hardwired into being his slave. There is no fucking way anyone can possibly rationalize that as healthy.

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Like shit, I'm into hardcore sadism, I can see the appeal from that angle, I guess - but why try to portray it as healthy or romantic? That's just fucking gross. And incredibly out of character. Maybe I'm just weird, but having porn or ships where the characters involved act massively out of character is just weird to me. Like, I get mad about porn featuring Astolfo in bondage, too, because in Fate that's canonically one of the things he hates and isn't into and thinks is gross.

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@kazuma He's explicitly shown to just act bored and ignore it then effortlessly break out of the bondage as soon as his master stops trying to fuck him, it isn't even sadism at that point. Sadism's no fun if the sub basically doesn't even acknowledge anything you do and pretends you don't exist while you attempt to abuse them.

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