Go ahead, call me a pedo, tell me what a sick fuck I am, but it'll only make my cock harder~ No mercy for those little underage fucktoy~ #pedo #fantasy

Drawing this comic, I just kept imagining a lot of sex scenes fucking a baby. Drowning her little mouth with your saliva, making her give you a rim job, letting her suck your hairy balls, kissing her mouth full of cum, raping her while the mom hold her #toddler #toddlercon

God, I'm so horny :big_kink:

WARNING: Toddlercon, Baby, Rape. 

New Toy :anal_beeds:

Time to do something more elaborate, let's make a fresh start.

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#Baby #Toddlercon #Rape

Hellen Parr faceraped on a cooking TV show!!!


moar milf suggestions are ALWAYS WELCOME!

I just want to stop time, walk in to an adoption center and fuck every baby I see~

I want to make out with a baby. Swallow his drool and swap slobber into his hot, smooth little mouth. Feel him suckle on my tongue and then shoot my pedo cum all over his cute, giggling face

I want my best friend to come home and kiss his baby girl on the lips after I've just fed her a thick load of delicious pedo cum.

Men who are attracted to children are so hot. Gimme a thick pedo dick to worship please

Sex ed but it's just the teachers raping the students

Fantasy, shota 

It's your duty as a parent to make sure your son gets his first orgasm through his butt

Limits are for the weak minded. Fuck a little girl in her pussy and be the you were always meant to be

Your mommy thought you were big enough to go to the bathroom by yourself… Now you’re about to experience how good girlcock feels and how good pedo assholes taste

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