Weekend pedo thoughts, fantasy 

Kids are sexy. You love cumming to children. Naked little girls make you so fucking hard. Their thin, hairless bodies. Flat chest with puffy little kid nipples. Smooth and hairless child pussy mound. Her hard kiddy clit red and wanting.

You want to fuck a little girl so fucking bad. Push your pedo cock inside her tight child cunt. Pump you kiddy fucking cock hard and deep, banging against her tiny preteen body.

How do you want her? Do you want her nervous but willing, ready to find out what it feels like to have her child cunt pump fucked by a loving pedo?

Do you want her to be a randy little slut who begs for it and teases you with obscenities. Calling you a "kiddy fucker" and a "fucking pedo" as you pump her kiddy cunt

Or do you want her struggling so you have to hold her down as she screams and her legs kick as you force your pedo cock insider her child cunt, raping her on her own little kid bed.

You dream about it every night and you cum thinking about pump fucking a little girl and shooting your pedo cum deep insider a gradeschooler.

fantasy pedo

Weekend pedo thoughts, fantasy 


Definitely want a randy slut, calling me a sick fuck while she spreads her legs, knowing I have to stare and stroke…

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