Train ride insight:
Masculinity is the same kind of illusion as a stock market. While the illusion lasts, it can generate insane value, but once the illusion is broken, it can never be built back.

John Cena might be ridiculously mascular guy, but after I saw him licking the boots of his chinese overlords, crying to keep his job, I cannot look at him and see anything beyond a wheeping kid.

@LukeAlmighty I'd say that Cena is masculine. But you're trying to equate masculinity with virtues like integrity and courage.

There is some interesting correlations between _physical_ courage and _moral_ courage.--again, virtues not tied to being male/masculine. I'd be curious to hear if Cena has any history of putting himself in danger in service of a higher system of value?


What you've described is the wahmens description of masculinity. Completelly commom and equally useless.

Point of my post was the complete opposite. I was talking about the viseral feeling you get when you see a person who you know can bend the world to his will. Something that cannot be regained once it's lost.

I heard many times that woman can completelly loose atraction if she sees a man bend the knee. I get it now. Because all of the muscules and special effects with deep voice can never fix the fact that this millionare was so afraid he had to record that video of him crying to keep his job.

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