The US is being flooded by millions of hostile, law-breaking Invaders - but the immigration-related issue being discussed is of course Muh Families Being Separated. Fuck your families, how about that? Send them all back, after first confiscating whatever valuables they might have had on them. Countries don't endure without being at least a little cruel towards those trying to overrun them.
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I don't really think it's smart for Biden to make it this obvious that the Democrats are now more pro-war than the Republicans.
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Hunter Biden Did Nothing Wrong, crackhead NEETs get offered gold-plated job opportunities by foreign firms all the time :honk:
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@PraxisOfEvil I suspect people like Jordan Peterson do more harm than good, specifically appealing to the kind of angry White men already upset with Clown World, and actively steering them away from the kind of strong medicine that's necessary. I've noticed that the anti-SJW e-celebs ALWAYS have a fanbase that's way more rightwing than they themselves are, and that's not thanks to them, it's due to such cucks being the only permitted celebrity opposition.
@mystik @ChristiJunior @TheMadPirate @Thomuu @cirno @fluffy

"Are you trying to make a case for or against muslims?"

I have a triple digit IQ, so it seems obvious to me we should be against a bunch of inbreds that believe in a fairytale crafted by a paedophile warlord and who rape White women and blow us up.

You on the other hand seem pretty intent on riding their balls mate.

"Yes, they are not feminist pussies"

I'll grant you that, probably because they haven't been poisoned by kikes for hundreds of years.

"Yes, they are not soyboys"

See above.

"Yes, they are not faggots."

Kek, they totally are. The dress little bacha boys up and then fuck their asses, they're no better than niggers that believe raping a dude in prison isn't gay as long as you're the one giving it. They'd fuck anything with a hole, including goats and donkeys.

"All religions are mistaken to some extent, and all of them should be allowed in western society"

LOL no, Western society was predicated upon Christian values. We already have our own religion, you can fuck off with your sand nigger nonsense. They are not for free speech, they're for invading everywhere and killing anyone that doesn't submit to their fairytale. Clearly you don't know much about Islam.

"And then again you mixed race with religion, ignorance"

Yes, because culture is created by race retard. That's why the vast majority of Muslims come from the Middle East, Africa and Indonesia, you know, all the third world shit holes? But don't worry, any White people that become Muslim should get the rope as well.

" I would try to explain my point of view if these threads weren't a shit-ignorance-show."

Mate you've had plenty of opportunity to explain your point of view, yet you've failed to do so. You can't seem to communicate a single coherent argument and then you call everyone else ignorant and throw your toys out of the cot.

Best of all, while you were busy riding Mohammed's cawk, you conveniently cherry picked which parts of my post to respond to and yet glossed over the stats I posted which indicated the so called "good ones" you are jizzing over

> Don't believe in free speech

> Think White people in their own fucking countries should be thrown in prison for criticising their barbaric sand nigger religion

> Think bombing us is "justified"

> Agree that their religion is irreconcilable with the culture of the Western countries they parasitically defected to because their own countries are shit, because people like them run em

> Don't think we should have the right to bounce them for preaching hate and violence against us

> Wouldn't dob in their mates for blowing us up or raping our children

> Want their own laws instead of adhering to the laws of the country they reside in

But I shouldnt worry because they're not all like that and it's a geographical issue and the Muslims in Indonesia and Africa are the "good ones".

LOL ok retard.
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