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As far as I am concerned, non autostic people are deffective. It must be so tiresome to always focus on 200 people's emotional state and opinions about each other. Then to focus on deforming each sentence to sound the correct way, even if it sacrefices the original message.

How could they even get through primary school with such a cognitive load is a mystery, but somehow, I don't even want to know. :ablobwhee:

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I do not know how to tell you this, but the lab results just came in, and it's not pretty. You are suffering from Life. There is no known cure and it is terminal. You have something between 1 second and 60 years left till you die.

Now with the obvious joke out of the way, I want you to know... Not just on theoretical level, but deep down, that no matter what you do, soon, you will no longer exist.

With that crusial point out of the way, what do you think you have left? 60 years? Sounds reasonable if there won't be any wars or dumb accidents.

Younger years will be more important, since you can enjoy them better, they do not contain as much pain and are genuinelly less demanding on your health to survive, but let's ignore that part for now.

So, here I will use some of secret JEWISH MAGIC. Put on your huwite man's shoes because this might turn your world upside down. I will use STATISTICS.

What is the covid death rate? 0.03 percent for your age group? Ok... That means, that if 3000 of you in paralel dimensions caught covid, one of them died. We can also shorten it, that if you cought covid, 0,03 percent of your life is statistically gone.

Now for a second question. How long have we been in lockdowns? 2 years? ok...
In your 60 years of life remaining, 2 years equal to 3,3 percent. Lockdown with 100 percent certainty stole 2 years of your life already, and the lockdowns are still not over.

So, if we compare how much of your actual life was stolen by the lockdown to what part of your statistical life was stolen by covid, you get, that lockdown had already been 100 times deadlier then covid.

So shut the fuck up, and go hug your grandma NOW!!! Because if you wait for the cure, you might find, that you waited for her inevitable death instead. Go out. Enjoy your life. And do not allow others to blackmail you out of the few days you actually still have.

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Except people who say trust the science do not mean trust the scientist

They mean trust the news article written by a politically charged activist who maybe red a research paper that was released only because a politically charged company paid for a one-sided research by a scientist, who knew he won't get paid again, if he finds the opposite result...

So yeah.... I don't trust the science.

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So, I finished Metroid Dread (⚠️⚠️⚠️spoiler⚠️⚠️⚠️) 

What the hell did he do to his wing???

I am strongly considering dropping a few hints that I'm gay at work just to see what happens...

It's not going to decrease my dating chances after all...

Someone just wrote at work, that they have a headache after the vax...

It is hard to describe how much I wanted to write: Nah, that's just a conspiracy theory, your head is ok. Now get back to work.

Lithium extraction uses a lot of water, approximately 500,000 gallons per metric ton of lithium. Miners drill a hole in salt flats and pump salty mineral-rich brine to the surface. It harms the soil and causes air contamination.

Also, read this:

day 18 - Moon

Didn't had a lot of ideas so i just felt like faking a lunar landing.

one of the most retarded takes in the Sonic fandom is a constant chant "Knuckles is black-coded uwu dwaw him as black" just because his theme songs are rap or just because they fetishize socjus dogmas

like, bitch, if you didn't even bother to familiarise yourself with Sonic Adventure where its made very clear that his entire lineage is based on Mayan culture and there's a fucking copypasta of Tikal ruins along with a fucking echidna character named Tikal who belonged to his tribe then what the fuck are you even doing yapping *anything* about Knuckles, sew your fucking mouth with a metal thread and gtfo you fucking normie

for an added layer of irony Knuckles used to be a naive hot blooded but level headed spiritual character and you chucklefucks seem to be happy embracing his current sorry "unga bunga Knuckles punch" image, do you call *this* "black coding" or what?

Ok, I love myself some good comix...

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17h ago: Why the hell is price of electricity and gas going up? (implied)

Paging Let's Go Brandon, your party is waiting for you at the front desk

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