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@RandolphScott we turned our backs on god but that's part of god's plan.

we have free long as we meet god's bus schedule.

@Terry I don't think all those faggots are that good at math either.

@wetsocks there’s often other more higher level reasons why people end up like that, it’s ideal to address those first if possible or present and processed food fucks with you a lot too esp with your hunger/nutrition regulating hormones so it’s prob preferable to start with eating without constraint but not eating anything processed (incl sugar) to unfuck them


> For hundreds of years women fought against the nuclear family because they could see the evils of having no rights outside of marriage

Given the reality of what is happening today, with women as wage slaves, often forgoing family for career, and the future depicted by @AthenasWrench2 do you think women are better off today, vs the patriarchy of 1950s America, that had no tolerance for the corruption of society happening now?
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