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Except people who say trust the science do not mean trust the scientist

They mean trust the news article written by a politically charged activist who maybe red a research paper that was released only because a politically charged company paid for a one-sided research by a scientist, who knew he won't get paid again, if he finds the opposite result...

So yeah.... I don't trust the science.

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My boss is asking me to give her some "personal growth goals".

And even after 10 colleges had explained the concept to me 10 times each, I still don't get it. I am afraid my autism will get me fired soon...

Nice random memory.

I remember lying in bed, and screaming for help from pain, asking for some pain killers.

And my step mom was seriously contemplating letting me suffer without them, because she didn't want me to get addicted.

A truly great moment. This is what love looks like. :blobcatheart:

Ok you got me. I'm a communist now.
State mandated big milker gf now

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