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So far, out of the basic Fast foods, the Burger King seems to be the only one to get the burgers right for some reason...

Kebab on the other hand is 95 percent of the time good, and pizza stands at 80 percent.

One more thing, #fediverse: you spout off about the alt-right spreading hate, yet you actively bully, report and attack people who don't share your political narrative on certain instances.

It's an infantile reaction to a non-problem, and you end up with high-profile fediverse developers actively avoiding the very platform they're building applications for (for free, by the way). How does that work?

Plenty more raving lunatics like the one in the images below who replied to Fedilab's post on not blocking Gab:

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I hate WT grinding, so I look up some youtube tutorials...

1) Buy premium account
2) Buy premium plane
3) Buy boosters...

In EVERY SINGLE VIDEO... WOW!!! Why didn't I think of that one... :pepeDread:

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