Damn, I know they do have a ton of problems in China, but will porn really solve it?

Damn... I might actually have to leave this thing running over night...

Damn... That guy has to be addicted or something. (not that I complain or anything. Art is art.)

Scalpers are quite a strange buiziness model.

While it is confirmed to already have bult empires (diamonds for example), I find it strange, that electronics of all things would be a good target.

PC components do alawys go down in price with time. There is always a new release not to mention, that every company that is "attacked" by them does get 100 percent demand that will be paid off.

I don't get how this thing can survive more then 5 iterations without just hitting an accidental dead end...


I cannot disagree more with this result, but anyway, here it is...

I love this question. How should we use our 3 tanks and 1 helicopter???

Can we conquer the europe?

Damn... Our poor Numi must feel so exhausted right now... So much work, so little time.

Would you consider buying Skyrim, if they managed to implement Rey-tracing into it?

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