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if you've got instagram you should go give my friend gerudo_thief a follow, she's got very cute artwork :)

obligatory HI I'M DAISY!!!

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My Top 100 Bands.

Not including solo artists, but including duos. Not a definitive list as most of these have the chance of shooting up to #1 for a week while I binge all of their music. This is generally where all of them lie, though!

The background is my favorite albums from the top 25.

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It's finally finished! Months of waiting for parts to arrive, paint to dry, and microplastics being inhaled has brought me the legendary Gawr Guitar!
Based off of Gawr Gura's colors :)

There are a few mistakes here and there because I'm not an artist or a craftsman by any means, but I still had a fun time putting it together and I really like the final result!

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My Top 100 Games, made with the help of this handy website:

You plug in all the games you want in the list and then it asks you which one you prefer between all of the other ones in a 1v1 showdown. It got pretty close, but I downloaded the spreadsheet and made some adjustments afterward. It isn't perfect, especially with all the different genres in here, but it's pretty close!

oh dang, d&d beyond has their own VTT now. it's pretty basic, but it's nice! i think i might actually just take screenshots of RPG Maker maps and then chuck them in there, would make a lot of sense actually instead of streaming RPG maker to the players. will take a little bit of extra time, but it won't be too bad honestly. not that hard to make a quick screenshot.

Alright, time to eat some noods and trim down my setting's lore to give my players some better direction instead of a massive pamphlet they need to read xD

DUDE I got 6 people from my pso2 alliance who want to play D&D and can all play at the same time?! Wtf how lucky is that?

Super stoked :) I'm gonna have to get over my fear of voice chatting pretty fast lol but it'll be good, I'm sure I'll get into the zone pretty fast.

i swear all the walls at this new place are made out of paper.

everyone can hear everything else than anyone else does.

i'll have my volume at like 10% on my PC and the guy above me needs me to turn it down. likewise if he's even mumbling up there i can hear him, it's insane.

so just to recap, in the last week:

the Irish migrant PM says he wants to do away with the Irish flag and culture; says the Irish need to learn to be more multicultural

the Irish parliament is considering more draconian speech laws for "the common good."

they are also proposing cutting benefits for anyone who participated in the riots

a muslim migrant MP said he wants the protestors to be "shot in the head."
"bro just one more war bro, bro I swear just one more war and it'll fix the world bro,"
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