Saw a meme a few weeks ago: Japan, but with guns.
Had a sensible chuckle at the time.

Maybe there's something to it though. :blobthinkingglare:

At this point I've been using software from 1997 - 2008 and the only way to understand how to use it. Is from people yelling at each other on a form from 2002 archived.

Honestly Pokemon has to be the one franchise that has the most porn about it? Thoughts???

Is nerding out about my hunter's I've been writing a good thing?

O ya and it's name was E2-247.220

I only remembered it was E2- something, the numbers I wrote are random.

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So I had a dream of a AI!
I remembered what's it's symbol looked like, and felt compelled to recreate it.

Idk if this is a real logo or movie trope I vaguely remembered.

I just got a cool as fuck idea to add to my hunter's that really makes them stand out!

Can't wait till I get all my ideas on paper so I can get a concept artist to draw them!


Don't like the sound design?
Fix it.

Hate the maps?
Make your own.

Hate the UI or particle effects?
Download a fix from a fan.

It's absolutely crazy how almost every modern game don't allow people to mod there game in any capacity.

Shit, valve literally abandoned TF2 for almost 5 years now and the community is still creating high quality content and custom modes that's better than any modern games, come up with nowadays.

Valve essentially created a system to where they have unpaid labor and an infinite money machine and all they have to do is pay to keep the servers online.

Tyrants are trying to create a world of "as below so above" instead of seeing the world "As above so below".

You know, I see normies just living life completely oblivious and I just feel a deep pit that I can never unlearn...

Give me some concepts and I'll come back with a horrifying creature in like 1-2 days hahahahahaha :jahysmug:

I created A new faction in my fantasy world and I feel honestly really bad for them.

They have to hunt mutated steroid-induced mushrooms they can constantly regenerate themselves and Pacifically like to tear the arms of their victims to eat them to grow larger. And upon those mushrooms eating their arms the victim is able to feel the same pain that the mushroom Feels whenever it gets attacked...

The only way to kill the mushrooms is with a specialised fire weapon which requires you to cut off one of your arms due to the weapons conditional side-effect causing immense amount of pain upon touching it with flesh, so a mechanical arm is highly advised if you plan on using the weapon.

Oh yeah and the faction is in debt to another clan.

After reading so much ideology and philosophy I can't but help come to the conclusion that fascism is undeniably a left-wing ideology.

Holy shit this legitimately explains why you cannot take morality out of religion. Because it literally, created almost every ideological monster in the last century.

This also explains why people seem more evil today than they did almost a few century's ago...

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