In the year 2021, the phrase 'hindsight is 2020' will be overused
-jeffdavidoff, May 2015

It's simple. If you want to find out who someone is, just say no to them. A decent person will eat it like a champ.

@sjw "knife"

Weren't those already prohibited by law?

What's going on? :soyboy_noo:
None of your direct ancestors died a virgin.
-supersynthetic, May 2015
@Mr_NutterButter ah yes now I will go spend 500 on overpriced wine and then complain about the coupons I didn't read

Later I will complain about lazy kids on their phones while I halt a conversation dead in its tracks to answer the phone. Then I will complain about kids and computers while I sit in front of the teevee

@Mr_NutterButter I'm glad you made it out at least mostly unscathed.

Destroy the State Education Monopoly.

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