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This Man is radiating levels of based so unbelievably high anyone who isn't based gets a seizure when viewing it.

Oh my fucking god! I did it, I DID IT!
Was trying to set up a dual boot option in Windows I had a weird configuration so I decided to try and fix it on Manjaro and It was a big mistake I fucked up everything and destroyed not only minjago but I also destroyed the entirety of Windows and for more than 3 hours I've been trying to fix and get one of the operating systems fixed but I was able to not only fully repair windows and get that running as a root but I also have Manjaro fully installed and working as a dual boot option fuck every single person who thinks they can't figure this out without googling it or watching YouTube videos this motherfucker did it and I am fucking victorious! :ablobcatrainbow: :ablobcatrainbow: :ablobcatrainbow: :ablobcatrave:

@beardalaxy it was just wondering how's your game that you're making coming along?

Hey I'm trying to disable RST and enable AHCI and have the system to where I can do dule boot Linux mint and have Windows as a root but every time I save changes to AHCI it reverts back. My bios is msi and I can't find any guides to solve the problem or even if I'm changing the right thing in the bios

I just realized this it's probably the only place I've truly interacted with people from Europe and other countries and genuinely had a fun time shit talking to each other in learning from each other. It really makes you think about how the internet really segregates people at this point into their own groups I miss the old internet... :sadhug:

This is my honest take if almost all mainstream multiplayer video games allowed Linux support and wouldn't ban your account when you run a Linux distro natively a large majority of the entire world would get off of Windows and Mac guaranteed overnight. I would say around 33% to 22% make the switch within the first week

Hey! Question for everyone! I'm currently in the process of remaking every single icon in Windows to a format for people who have to deal with large amounts of files and people who have to archive files for decades what do you have to do to change the default icons to a customized folder full of new icons. Cuz Windows unlike Linux is a bitch to change everything.

I absolutely hate furries


God damn do they make good porn.

@matana You know now that I think about it, do you know how to speak English or do you only know how to read and write English?

God I don't think I've ever felt more paranoia than literally in the last few minutes apparently they were testing the tornado siren but forgot to tell people and people thought it was a nuclear warning thank God they cleared that up.

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