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Refined My Patch some more.

I also really like the phrase on it now.

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Oh my god I think I'm on to something juicy!

My villain personalitie is very distinct and flavorful that I haven't seen in any media before but also allowing him to be a complete utter fucking psychopath that people who watch him will delight in him but no one else in the world will, he is the finality & banality of evil manifested into a purpose...

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Holy shit this has to be one of the biggest white pills I've ever seen and it came from a Canadian!

I got misty-eyed a little bit.

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WIP this is the concept for the creature cards and the map for the fantasy world I'm working on. The maps land needs to be rearranged and the right side of the map needs to be completely redesigned. I also didn't finish the stylistic look of the map yet.

As for the creature cards I'm still playing around with concepts, I'm definitely commissioning this artist to create my creatures.

If I end up commissioning a different creature artists, I'll definitely have a reason, probably the style.

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I don't normally do this but..

I was making a poster and I thought the background was cool so I removed all the additional stuff and color different variations of it enjoy.

Greens personally my favorite.

Just finished up the majority of Made In Abyss, up until season 2 episode 9.

The show does a great job of making you always uneasy even in situations to where it's just characters talking with each other.


The person who wrote the show really likes making awkward situations with the characters but it does humanize them more just kind of weird sometimes.

@beardalaxy I just watched the entire movie and oh my God.

The movie looks like you told Chat GBT to try and imitate spider-verse with the 2D and 3D but it failed horribly.

It combines all of the worst Disney tropes all into one movie the dialogue is so on the nose self aware and poorly timed that it constantly took me out of the movie and immersion. And the music line feels so incredibly forced it's actually insane not only that I think this is the only Disney movie with music that I not enjoy any of the songs. Not only that but the villain song is the only song I remember and the only reason I remember it is because it is cartoonishly evil but incredibly self-aware which makes it awful.

They also made a villain that is good in the beginning but then for no explainable reason is a dick for half the movie and then just randomly becomes evil.

Like if you're going to have an evil villain just have them be evil from the very beginning there's no reason to do this.

The villain actually was an interesting character before they made him evil...

When he became the full villain he somehow got flattened from 3D to 2D character development.

And the cherry on top!

This is obviously supposed to be imitating European fairy tales but they have all cultures mixed into this fantasy world that it doesn't feel even remotely rooted in European fairy tales at all, and because people were speaking Spanish, Arabic and other languages it completely broke the immersion. It made me so aware of the setting it's actually insane, it reminds me of a Disney Junior cartoon.

3/10 Score

The only reason it's not a zero is because of how entertainingly bad it was.

Man how bad this movie have to be?

Disney's newest movie Wish.

Therey literally only one torrent of the movie and all the comments are talked about how dog shit it is XD


This has to be the best story of the year so far.

A FBI agent got carjacked and all of their equipment and stuff was in the car. XD

Glow to bright and your stuff will be grabbed.


I like how U.S politics are so chaotic that people from other countries who have never stepped inside of the United States make political channels because it makes that much money and it's so fucking off the wall that any opinion you have is valid in the U.S



call my wife a pussy because you are what you eat

If there seems to be one unmoving trait about myself over the years it's that I'm always optimistic and always believe for a brighter future and that no competition is unwinnable.

Call me naive but at least I have faith in something greater.

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